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Are you impressed About SAP Mentor Program? – Time To Spread The Good Beyond SAP!

I have been part of SAP Mentor Program since 2012 autumn, before I become SAP Mentor, like others I do have questions like what is meant by SAP mentors, what they do.  In old SCN we don’t have much space to know about mentors other than wiki, so these questions are remained unanswered or half answered till I become SAP mentors. With my one year journey I was highly inspired by this wonderful program, through this blog I would like to share some of my insights about this program to all.

Unique Purpose

My earlier assumption was that only the people who write SAP books can be sap mentors…  I was with this assumption till 2010 TechEd, where I met couple of them then try to understand the real purpose of the program. I come across various other mentor programs from other organizations. Most of them have very common purpose like, one to one assistance. SAP Mentor program has its Unique Purpose and different way of doing it. After part of this program I experienced this true purpose.

SAP Mentor program is not for marketing, it’s not for promoting x and y. it’s not leadership role to drive a team, it’s not for any business credits. It’s not SAP getting benefit from them. I sense other great purpose behind, it is ”Getting valuable Ideas/Views/Vision From Individuals Who is Passionate in Technology Who Wants To Do Good For World”. Seems very simple is it? This is what I observed in my 1 year journey.

SAP Mentors are not getting anything as reward; they are not guiding any individuals.  It is the ideas for all of us to get the better products which help the world to run better. They are selfless and it’s their passion to serve the society better leading them and making everyone shine along with them.

Flower bouquet

In Flower Bouquet each and every flower is valuable and unique in its own place. Same with SAP Mentor program, there are 120 people from various industry unit, various business track come together and assist to improve the every SAP product by their valuable vision and Suggestions.

Good in Values

Another interesting thing I admired with them is the role of human values ( like respect, patience, acceptance) and way they are dealing with things, I have the perception that if 2 experts together, they always debate and ends with scar on one another. But here there are 120 amazing experts some of them on the same field fuel with active and energetic debates which results eye open for one another. This only the people have big and generous hearted can deal such situations with lots of respect in each other. They are good in human values too…

The program is well organized; it has rule and regulations and moreover sticks into the purpose of the being. Even after completion of your mentor journey still they are happy to keep us in SAP Mentor alumni, means still they are open to hear you anytime.


I do have this thought earlier that SAP Mentors are difficult to approach. Of course its comfort zone’s imagination, never come out of that and approached anyone. The truth, SAP Mentors are open, humble and they are very easy approachable for any technical assistance. As we already know most of the SAP mentors are in SCN, actively participating. They all shared their business card in new SCN profile. And moreover through SAP Inside Track, code jam events they are now actively engaged with local community by person. Other than that, we can get their views by just following their blogs, documents and discussion. Some of them are presenting sessions in TechEd.

Another best way is to reserve time for participating of SAP Mentor Monday webinar where there are lots of latest interesting topics discussed public. Since 2013, we are getting SAP Mentor Monday APJ time zone too, we must try to get benefit from these entire pal either of the above ways and you feel the difference.

There are some SAP mentors part of moderation team too, supporting communality to do well best, up to their level. I must thank each and every one of them and their contribution towards community and very pleasure to part of this program and like to contribute more in future.

Are you impressed?

Big Thanks to Mark Finnern who is being part of initiation of SAP mentor program/SCN community and driving this program successfully.  Hope everyone of getting benefit out of it one or other way. Recently He got wonderful chance to showcase the SAP Mentor program to outside world via the South by South West Interactive @ SXSW conference. He suggested the session with very inspirational title as “5 Lessons from 6 years SAP Mentor Community Advocacy “.  You can get the details here

It’s now chance to all of us, if you impressed on SAP Mentor program and get benefit out of it, vote for this session, because the selection process of the session is based on number of votes. And help to bring the idea of SAP Mentor Program visible to outside world and make everyone get benefit from our success story.

It is time to spread the good beyond SAP. Don’t delay! Vote soon.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Jansi,

      Thanks for writing this blog post! Has it really been a year seems like just the other when we were all celebrating being selected as mentors last year!

      I voted for Mark's session yesterday....crossing fingers that he gets enough voted 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Zimkhita,

      Yes... Time is moving very fast... Hope we will meet one day by person soon 🙂

      Thanks and Regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi - Some nice points here and I agree with them.

      In my opinion we all, as Mentors, need to show the wider community what cool things we are doing for a number of reasons. A) To inspire and encourage people but also B) To ensure SAP recognize we add value and continue to fund the programme!

      Good work Ladies.

      Author's profile photo Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Jansi Rani Murugesan
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, its true that we need to showcase our value added support to outside and also with SAP in a way that get recognized well...

      we get lots of oppurtunity to do so.. we must need to use all of them well...

      Thanks for adding your view as well 🙂



      Author's profile photo Arnab Das
      Arnab Das