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SAP Screen Personas 2.0 – How to configure the system (troubleshooting FAQ)

We have received questions from several customers about how to configure their SAP Screen Personas system. This is a simple but important step for ensuring that SAP Screen Personas runs correctly. These are the first questions that SAP Support will ask you if you are reporting any issues, so it’s best to
do this first so you have the correct information available. In most cases, applying these settings correctly will eliminate error messages related to incorrect system configuration.
Below I have mentioned what all settings you need to take care of for MAIN SYSTEM (where Personas is installed) as well as the TARGET SYSTEM (which will be accessed through Personas).
Main System Configuration Checklist
(Pre-requisite: You have already installed Personas in your system)
  1. Maintain Target System(s)
        You have maintained the target systems as per config guide.
        a. System Details
            SPRO>  SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > Cross-Application Components > SAP Screen Personas > Maintain Systems

System Detail Value (Example)
System (ID) CNS
Client 800
Group Test System
Description Personas Test System
Connector to SAP System
ITS (This value is fixed)
         b. System Setting for the Target System
              You have maintained system parameters for all the target system.
              Select any target system and enter the parameters and values.
Property Name Property Value
Service.Uri /restgui
Server.Url http(s)://target_system_host:Port
Sap.Language (optional) EN
Note: Ensure you are using Server.Url and Service.Uri (pay attention to server vs. service and Url vs. Uri).
2. User/Group System Assignment
      You have assigned the target system to a user/group and appropriate Personas Role.
      Goto transaction /N/PERSOS/ADMIN_UI > User Maintenance
3. You have SET compression “ON” for service ‘persos_app” from transaction SICF.

4. You have implemented  Note 1869640 to get the shipped values from client 000 to client XXX of your system.

Target System Configuration Checklist
(Target System can also be the Main System where you have installed Personas)
      a. You have set the Compression “ON”
      b. Under “Gui Configuration” button, you have the following parameters set:
Parameter Value
      c. Under “Handler List” tab, you have handler class as “CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS_BASIC
          If mentioned handler class is not in your system, implement Note 1667055
      d. Finally, you have tested your RESTGUI based on Personas Config guide.
  2.  Silverlight Cross Domain Setup
       You have placed clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml at the server root folder.
        To test, enter this in your browser:
        If you are using http protocol to access Personas:
        If you are using https protocol to access Personas:
  3.   Kernel Notes
         You have implemented the below mentioned important kernel notes
          a. 1787341  – Personas:ABAP Interface Restgui
          b. 1885506  – Personas:Turn off Control (amodal) based F4 help
          c. 1913055 – ABAP interface does not work correctly inside RFC calls (Only applicale for kernel patch 200 onwards)
   4.  ITS sizing
        You have considered sizing your ITS memory based on note 1888428 and number of expected users.
        (For a start, it is recommended to put value of “em/global_area_MB” as 2048 MB)
        To find the current value, go to transaction RZ11 and display the parameter “em/global_area_MB”. Contact your system admin if you don’t have authorizations to increase this parameter.

General Questions

1. I do not see any Personas Roles OR Screen Id Overwrite entries OR Controld ID Overwrite entries?

    Answer: Personas is shipped with some pre-configured values which can be found in client 000 of your system. Follow the config guide
or note 1869640 to get these values from client 000 to client XXX of your system.
2. Which kernel patch level shall I be on OR do i need to update my kernel patch always?
     Answer: If your kernel patch is very old (134 or below), then surely you should first upgrade your kernel patch to the latest in SMP.
                   You do not need to upgrade your kernel patch every now and then UNLESS its very old or you use case if being affected by the bug in current kernel patch.
3. What all information I need to provide when creating OSS message?
     Answer: To decrease the turnaround time, it will be great if following information is provided when creating OSS message:
          a.  Kernel Patch Level
          b.  Http Access to Personas Launch Url or even better if WTS
          c.  All the connections should be tested with proper credentials provided
          d.  Detail steps to re-create the issue
4. When do I need Screen id OR Control ID overwrite logic?
     Answer: A typical symptom is when to try to change the colors in tab or even when you try to enable the tab cache and it does not happens, then you would need either of the overwrite logics.
          For e.g. from any transaction, select to see the Program Name and Screen Number as shown below (ProgramName/ScreenNumber).
At this point, start clicking the all the tabs. For any tab, if the Screen Number changes, then we need screen id overwrite entry for that particular              transaction. For any transaction, if you are not able to figure out the overwrite entries, please create a OSS message.

5. Where do I find the latest notes which are being released?

    Answer: Usual support channel is the preferred way. But we will try to update this page too with the latest ones.

Relevant Notes

Kernel Notes:

1787341 – Personas: ABAP Interface Restgui

1885506 – Personas: Turn off Control (amodal) based F4 help

1913055 – ABAP interface does not work correctly inside RFC calls

We are now maintaining a parent note where you can find the latest note for Personas Client. Make sure you check it out.

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  • Hi Sushant

    Thanks for this - very useful.

    I am just going through my install to make sure I am up to date and have a query on note

    1787341 - Personas: ABAP Interface Restgui. I've taken a look at the note and it appears to be quite a large FM to be created. What functionality does it provide and what am I missing out on by not having it implemented. I'm on SP02 btw.


    • HI Ian,

      1787341 contains all the restgui hooks, abap-restgui interfaces and some frontend services (like file upload/download).

      For any target system, this note is very important otherwise you will see frequent session timeouts and missing functions from Personas.

      And this is a kernel note which is independent of Personas client (SP01 or SP02).



  • Hi Sushant,

                      We need to connect our main SAP Screen Personas (SSP) with a Target System (TID), we have installed SAP SCREEN Personas addon in SSP, do we have to install SAP Screen Personas addon on TID too in order to connect with SSP or just we need to make some customizing in TID like you explain above?

    Thks Leonardo Herrero

    • Hi Leornado,

      No you do not have to install Personas in TID (which is your target system).

      You can just do the configurations for TID as described above for "target system", and add the system info in the MAIN SYSTEM (in your case SSP).



  • Hi Sushant,

    Thank you very much for your post.

    Current documentation at include just 2 documents:

    -configuration guide

    -master guide

    These 2 documents are for SAP Screen Personas 2.0 only and none of these documents explain configuration steps you are including in your post or any SPRO configuration related information.

    Can you explain where the other documents required for finishing the configuration, start using Personas, and Personas Operation are located?

    Best regards


  • Hi Sushant Priyadarshi,

    I have followed all most every configuration document.

    But I am having this error. : "you are not allowed to access this system personas"

    I have query that in Silverlight Cross Domain Setup, You have written that "You have placed clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml at the server root folder."

    But I am not able to understand what am i supposed to do by that.

    Where are these XML files and where am I supposed to put them?

    I am having the same error over last 2 days.

    Can you please explain?

    Thank you

    Meet Vajaria

    • Check the following things:

      First, the Personas user must have a proper Personas role assigned in the /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI transaction. Make sure there is a role maintained here:


      Then check if the required system paramaters are set. This can be done in transaction RZ10 or via ABAP program RSPARAM. The following paramater values should be present in the current system profile:


      Lastly, regarding the location of the above files: they should be in the following location:


      You should see this directory in transaction AL11. Instead of SE1 you will see your system ID (SID) and DVEBMSGxx will show the instance number. If it is not there, it has to be added by your friendly system administrator.

      In this location, there should be a directory called xml. The two xml files should be there. If they are not, then create “clientaccesspolicy.xml” and “crossdomain.xml” with content described in the Configuration Guide.

      • Hi Tamas,

        These parameters are already set in the source/main system where Personas is installed and running but do I need these in the target system as well?

        Thanks for the post Sushant!

        Best regards,


        • No, they should only be necessary in the main system where the Personas add-on is installed.

          The only thing you need in the target systems is the restgui service and the minimum kernel version + recent patch level.

          Edit: As it turns out, the above statement is not correct... other posts suggest that you'll also need the clientaccesspolicy.xml and crossdomain.xml plus the related file access system parameters configured in each target system according to the administration guide.

  • Hi Sushant,

    I am facing two errors in my SAP Personas. I am on version 200 sp01 of Personas installed on EHP 7 on ERP6.0 system. Kernel: 741 patch 19.

    Issue1: In the status bar of SAP Personas i am getting an error message

    "Invalid GUI input data: display - window dimension conflict"

    this message is permanently present .

    Issue2: The HTML viewer only displays a blank screen.

    Kindly help me to understand and resolve the above errors.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rahul Shankar

      • For the first issue, see if the steps I described in this thread help.

        The second problem may be caused by the Personas URL whitelist not being properly maintained in the IMG. If that's not the case, then it's some other browser- or proxy-related issue. Which browser and version are you using? Test the flavor with a different browser and see if it works then.

  • Hi ,

    We are implementing  SAP Screen PERSONAS and need the clientaccesspolicy.xml" and "crossdomain.xml  files for reference , which is already edited for your client so that i can easily modify



  • Hi Experts,

    Iam new to SAP Screeen Personas and wondering if i can find answers to my simple questions 🙂

    1) Do i have an option of picking between Silverlight and HTML  versions?or both needs to be installed? any advantages/disadvantages?

    2) In Perspective to Single System Landscape-- Can we transport the customisations-screens,flavours ...etc to QA and PROD?

    3) We want personas on DEV-QA(Training Purposes) and PROD...Guess i need to go for Multiple System Landscape Model?

    4) In perspective to Multiple system landscape - Do i need to install Personas on both Main System and Target System?

    Our System Envroinment

    OS: Windows


    SAP: ERP 6.0 EHP5

    KERNEL: 721-201 level--- I know I will have to upgrade to 228



  • Hi Sushant,

    I'm trying to identify the steps needed for configuring the HTML version after the Silverlight version has been installed. In the official documentation (config guide and addendum) as well in blogs is well written the Silverlight version.

    Could you share the steps or advice the approach that we need to take?

    Many thanks in advance,


      • Thank you Chinthan for your feed-back for your links! We stand unfortunately in the moment that business decision is already taken and we need to deliver Proof-of-concept. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find blog posts or threads on the HTML activation steps and we don’t have the necessary maturity on the solution. If you could help with particular steps to generate HTML version URL, we would really appreciate.



        • Hi Andrei,

          The two documents that Chinthan referenced provide a clear explanation of why we do not recommend using the HTML component of SAP Screen Personas 2.0.


          To achieve the productivity savings that SAP Screen Personas delivers, all customers that I am aware of use either tab merging (to simplify screens) or scripting (to automate keystrokes) as part of their screen modification process. As you are aware, these capabilities are not available in the HTML component of SAP Screen Personas. They are available in the Silverlight component.

          I recommend you adjust your project plan to either use SAP Screen Personas 2.0 Silverlight component or wait for SAP Screen Personas 3.0. We plan to have a migration path to SAP Screen Personas 3.0, so you should be able to reuse most of your work on
          the proof-of-concept.



  • Hi Sushant,

    Very much informative blog regarding Config and Troubleshooting SAP Screen Personas.

    Just have Quick queries i have in my mind. 😕

    We are at system SAP NW 7.3 top of this installed SAP Personas


    Kernal level is :721.

    Once installed above component  activated MAINAPP service in SICF  and tested from Browser getting Blank screen as given below



    Can i know the what are all the steps missed and what i have to require to implement in my system.



    • Hi Syam,

      Firstly, you have installed Personas 2.0 base pack so I would recommend you to install SP02 on it and apply the latest notes from the parent note#1964257 to get latest code.

      Secondly, you need to have 721 SP 201 or more (SP228 for Personas 2.0 SP02)and minimum required basis version and SP (you can find more details on note#1848339).

      After this please try to test restgui service from SICF and append (/newsession to URL) to check if it is not asking for logon.



  • Hi.

    I have the following doubt.

    What is the recommended installation by SAP  if we have a ERP landscape with three systems (DEV, QA, PRD) ?. We need install the add-on Personas in each of the systems ?, or we can install the add-on over SAP NetWeaver standalone server and then configure the target system (in this case DEV, QA, and PRD) ?.

    Could you give us a lot of clarity please ?.



    • Hi Martin,

      It is always recommended to install Personas add-on on Dev, QA and Prd separately.

      Multisystem configuration is when you have multiple ERP landscapes (eg: ERP1, ERP2, ERP3) of same type (Dev or QA or Prd) to be accessed from Personas.



  • Hi Chintian.

    Thank you for your response, but don't left me clear it.

    We have two alternatives in order to install and configure Screen Personas.

    1.- The first possibillity is install the add-on for Personas on each ERP system (DEV, QA, PRD).

    2.- The other one is install the add-on on SAP NetWeaver ABAP satandalone server and  to configure the MAIN SYSTEM (this system), and then to configure the target systems (DEV, QA, PRD)

    We need to know what is the best implementation ?, and what's the SAP recommendation ?.

    Do you understand me ?.



    • The recommendation is to use the separate Personas installation method on each system where the tool will be used.

      Furthermore, the main system - connected system scenario will not be supported starting with Personas 3.0 so it's best to avoid this in case of a new installation.

  • Hi,

    Can we install SAP Screen Personas in stand alone netweaver system and connect ECC 5.0 (Basis release 640) to use Personas functionality?

    Is that possible?

    Please advise.



  • /
    personas problem.jpg
  • Hi,all!
    I installed SAP Screen Personas 2.0 with SP03 on system sap NW 7.4

    But transaction spro doesn't have entity SAP Screen Personas


    Can anybody help me?

    Best regards,

  • Hi

    I want to install SAP Screen Personas 2.0 in Dev for the first time. And SAP version in Dev is SAP_BASIS Release 702 level 0012, Kernel Release 721 level 400, EHP5 ERP6.


    And after click Continue , a pop up message like :


    I tried implement SAP Note 1787341 and always error because incompatible with the version of my SAP DEV. And should I must upgrade the Support Packed of SAP_BASIS with SAPKB70214 ?

    Can Anybody help me ?

    Best Regards


    • Pre-requisites:

      Please refer the following sap notes for more information on Personas release strategy:

      1776739 - Release strategy for the ABAP add-on PERSOS

      Minimum Kernel release/patch : 721/201.

      Basis release                                      : 702

      Basis Patch Level                              :SAPKB70213. Else, we can apply the sapnote 1787341.

      • Hi Kiran

        In SAPNote 1776739, Pre-requisites for Persos 200 :  SAPBasis 702 with SP SAPKB708 (minimal)

        And Pre-requisites for implement sapnote 1787341 : have to implement sapnote 1555523 (see Correction Instruction for Basis Release 702). And SAPNote 1555523 can note implemented for Kernel Release 7.21.

        I plan to install personas in the server SAP ECC.

  • Hallo all,

    i tried to activate personas 3 and everything was fine (except the xml files - do i mandatory need them in the Root of the System?)

    But when starting the WebGui and when i click the "P" nothin happens.

    I only get the rotating circle...

    What is wrong??

    What is missing?

    Thank you!

    Kind regards


    • Have you run the health check tool in the Personas admin transaction? Is everything green? If not, try to rectify those non-green items first. Feel free to post a screenshot of the health check results if things are not clear.

      But, please post this as a separate discussion in this space, rather than adding a question to the end of this blog post. Especially s this blog post is about Personas version 2 and you are asking about Personas 3.