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Dear All,

Continuing with my previous blogs on BusinessObjects Auditor here is another one to compare the Auditing capabilities between BO 3.x and BO 4.0. Below table could help you to understand the differences.

Parameter BusinessObjects 4.0 BusinessObjects 3.x
Audit universe and reports

Sample audit universe and reports are no longer provided.

You need to use the As-Is sample provided here

Out of box Audit universe and associated predefined audit reports
Auditor Configuration

Auditing Configuration is centralized.

All the Audit configurations are defined in a single place (CMC -> Auditing)

Auditing has been enabled in every individual component.

  – Enable Audit in CCM

         Audit Database Configuration

  – Enable Audit in CMC



         Individual BusinessObjects server


Events are Standardized and grouped according to their category. Below are the categories

  – Common Events

  – Platform Events

  – Analysis Events

  – Lifecycle management Events

  – Web Intelligence Events

Not available
Audit data retention

Provision to purge the Audit database records based on their age.

(CMC -> Auditing -> [Delete Events Older than (days)]

Not available
Audit database schema

Enhanced database schema to categorize and develop Adhoc audit reports. Below are the Audit tables


Below are the Audit tables







Client Auditing

No pre-configuration required.

Client applications support auditing by default:

• Central Management Console (CMC)

• BI launch pad

• Open Document

• Analysis

• Live Office Web Services Provider

• Web Intelligence desktop

• Mobile

• Dashboard & Presentation Design

• Dashboard Manager


• You will need at least one Adaptive Processing Server with Client Auditing Proxy Service and auditing enabled on this server.
• For clients connecting through CORBA, you must open a port in the firewall between the client and the Adaptive Processing Server machines.
• For client connection through HTTP (Desktop Intelligence ZABO client, Web Intelligence Rich Client, InfoView, etc.), you must open a port in the firewall between the Web Application Server and the Adaptive Processing Server machines.
• Auditing must be enabled on the Cache and Job servers for Desktop Intelligence or Web Intelligence (or both).

Some of the useful references for BusinessObjects Auditor are provided below.


BO 3.x Auditing Configuration – Manual Auditing configuration

BO 3.x Audit data purging – How to purge or cleanup old data from the BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 Audit Database

How to enable auditing events for client applications in Business Objects XI3.1?

BO 4.0 Auditor deployment

SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Auditor Configuration & Deployment End to End

BO 4.0 Auditor Configuration

BusinessObjects Auditing – Considerations & Enabling

Hope the blog is interesting. Looking forward comments on this entry to enhance this further.

Thanks for reading.

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        1. Manikandan Elumalai Post author

          I think I need to add another column for BO 4.1 as well as I was referring the BO 4.0 FP3 Admin Guide.  Thanks again for the notification Sohel. Much appreciated.




          1. Former Member

            Hey Manikandan,


            I have several questions to ask before I download SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge Edition Free Trial. Was hoping you could answer some of my questions. Please contact me back if you can!


            Best Regards,


            1. Manikandan Elumalai Post author

              Hi Dan,


              You can always post all your questions here BI Platform and the queries will get more attention from our SCN experts. I would be actively participating in SCN from next week as I am struck with my project related activities.




              1. Former Member

                Hey Mani,


                Hope you are doing well and thank you for replying. I am conducting an independent study with SAP, more specifically ERP system so I will definitely take advantage of the SCN experts!


                Best Regards,


      1. Andreas J A Schneider

        Sadly the properties file seems to be incorrect

        Instead of



        it should read:





        The instructions for UNIX and the LCM shell are missing..

        I am also wondering why I cannot use the CMC/Web based LCM to import this biar file? Should I not be able to?!

        Well, to answer myself, yes I am able to, and is IMHO definately easier to use the Web based LCM (CMC) instead of CLI to get the Audit unx and CRE reports imported into your landscape.

  1. Former Member


    on a BI4 platform do you know how does the audit automatic purge works.

    I’m talking about the data retention parameter (in days) you can find in the CMC audit Menu.

    Mine is not deleting any rows in the audit database.

    I think it’s a problem regarding the temporary tablespace or the rollback segment of me database but i don’t have any clue.

    Is there a program scheduled somewhere in the CMC?

  2. Former Member



    My client is using other universes in UDT.

    In information design we don’t have any universes.Now I am going to configure Auditing database provided by you.But for deployment I can see the deployment universe folder has UNX format.


    If I deploy universe in Information design tool. During reporting will it capture the details of Auditing information of UDT as welll.


    Please share your views!


    Thanks in advance

  3. Former Member

    Always look forward to your blogs!!

    A lot of loopholes in the basic auditing information seems to be covered here and in the links towards the end!


    Thanks Mani


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