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Step by Step Procedure for Downloading and Applying the SAP License Key


This document describes how to apply the permanent SAP License and Maintenance certificate for an ABAP system.

Step by Step Procedure for Downloading the SAP License Key:

  1. Login to the SAP service market place with the administrative S – user ID.
  2. Select the Data Administration tab and input System ID  (SID eg : AE1) and continue.
  3. Input the following values

System Name                     :  WINSAP08

System Type                      : Test System

Product                                 : SAP ERP

Product Version                                :  SAP ERP 6.0

Technical Usage                : SAP ERP Central Component (ECC 6.0)

Database                             : MS SQL Server               

Operating System             : Windows

Planned Productive date:  Not Mandatory

  1. And after continuing the next screen, enter the Hardware Key , which you can obtain from SAP system through SLicense T-Code.
  2. Select the license type as Standard – Web Application Server ABAP or ABAP+JAVA.
  3. Select any one of the License type Standard or Maintenance Certificate and continue.
  4. Confirm the email ID for which the License will be sent. (Normally it takes 10 minutes to receive the License to the corresponding mail given)

Step by Step Procedure for Applying the SAP License Key:

  • Login to SAP system with the administrator user ID in any of the client. (License and Maintenance certificate can be applied from any client)
  • Take the SLICENSE t-code and you can see the temporary license, which will be available after the installation.
  • Select the New License from the menu and click Install.
  • Select the downloaded license  from the one you received in the mail and apply.
  • The new license will be successfully installed.
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