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My Craze for SCN #SCNis10

Welcome to my blog about SCN10!

First of all thanks to Krysten Bradley for putting the steps together for providing an opportunity to participate in this challenge in her blog at

Well I am neither in SAP for 10 years nor very ACTIVE from the day I jumped into SAP world. But later fall in love with it after spending some years in SAP.

It was late in 2010 when I joined SCN and I used to call it as SDN at that time. Initially joined it just because somebody asked me to do so. I used to search Google for any of my questions directly but later realized that most of the links were from SCN only. Then I started searching my queries on SCN before going to search engines like Google and result of which was I came to know about Community and various activities in it and realized that this is the place where one can gain knowledge and also reputation/recognition.

On October 24, 2011 I earned my first point on SCN. It was the same feeling when somebody gets his first salary. It was really an inspiring moment for me. I continued visiting it daily and started asking and answering questions in various forums. Due to project load and other personal commitments couldn’t be ACTIVE member of SCN. With new responsibilities in project and even in personal life (as I got married 🙂 ) trend continued and was not visiting SCN regularly.

Then we got news that SCN adopted a new look and feel. I just logged on it and was upset initially as most of the things got changed on it.  Later discussed it with my friends and they were also not very happy at that time with the changes happened to it. But as we know that “The Only Constant In Life Is Change. However as you become used to that change, you start linking it. Same happened with me for new SCN. I again resumed posting technical articles, asking and answering questions. At times I used to dedicate lot of my personal time to SCN and that’s why my wife says that I am having an affair with SCN. 😉 . I must say it was true because I was really crazy about it.

Be it a WEEKDAY or WEEKEND or a HOLIDAY, I used to read blogs and questions and answers by great people like Thomas Jung ,Raymond Giuseppi and many more. Later, I crossed limit when SCN came up with something really game changing idea called GAMIFICATION SCN Gamification and became even crazier for SCN.

Recently, I have completed DATA GEEK CHALLENGE by posting 2 blogs–district-wise-season-wise-crop-production-statistics-in-india-from-1998-to-2003-by-using-sap-predictive-analysis and

Thanks to Nic Smith and Mitesh Patel for creating this challenge and helping me and many others in learning SAP LUMIRA and SAP PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS. Recent poll on “Who is actual Founder of SCN” was really an awesome concept and got to learn so many things about SCN history from SCN LEGENDS.


Like many others I was also FACEBOOK user and couldn’t sleep without checking my FB account. But THANKS to new SCN because now I must say that I am now SCN Freak. That’s it. That’s shows POWER of SCN. I am not an expert on SCN but learning a lot from a group of many intelligent people.


Lastly, Thanks to all those who contributed, contributing and will continue to contribute in future to make this place the real community for SAP folks.

Happy Learning and Sharing! 🙂

I hope you like this blog and look forward for your comments and suggestions.


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