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Sometimes user requirement will be little different than SAP Standard, then we go for some enhancement in SAP Standard Application.

UNSPSC Code is one of them which is not available in MM01/02/03 SAP Screen.

  • How to Assign an UNSPSC Code into Material Master in SAP without any enhancement.
    • Create minimum two Characteristics Using CT04 T-codes.
      • Characteristics Name : “UNSPSC_CODE
        • Status 1 (Release )
        • Data type ( CHAR, Character Format)
        • Number of Char is ‘8’ (i.e. UNSPSC Code length )


Screen Shot # 1

  • Characteristics Name #2 : “UNSPSC_DESC1
        • Status 1 (Release )
        • Data type ( CHAR, Character Format)
        • Number of Char is ‘30’ (i.e. UNSPSC Code Description )


Screen Shot # 2

Note: If UNSPSC Code description is more than 30 characters, then we can create more characteristics, like UNSPSC_DESC2, UNSPSC_DESC3, etc…

  • Create a Class with Class type ‘001’ (i.e. Material Class) Using CL01 T-code
    • Class Name “UNSPSC”
    • Class type  ‘001’


Screen Shot # 3

  • Create a Material with Classification View using MM01 T-code , where you assign UNSPSC Class and it’s Characteristics (i.e. UNSPSC_CODE , UNSPSC_DESC1 etc…..)


Screen Shot # 4

  • Using CL30N T-code We can generate a Report with Material Number / Material Shot Text / Class (i.e. UNSPSC) / Characteristics (i.e. UNSPSC Code and Description). 


Screen Shot #5

Note : About UNSPSC Code ..

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  1. Former Member

    good startup. Thanks for sharing the content UNSPSC Code. Since its a very basic step

    you had given. I would like to hear more on UNSPSC Code. Could you kindly share more

    information with details.



    1. Former Member

      Shri Vivek,

      It is United Nations Standards Products & Services Code. This organization has categorized all the products & services into 4 categories / levels. Segment, Family, Class, Commodity. We have defined UNSPSC under Material Group in ECC6 EHP7. Also we have defined the service master as per UNSPSC. Considering the same we are going to use the same for ABC analysis, ROL , Expenditure analysis, Inventory control.

      Hope it is clear.

      G.Ramesh Babu


  2. Former Member

    Dear Ramesh,

    We are also looking for same. Can you elaborate how you mapped and if you have any documentation can you share. What methodology you followed.


    Sai Krishna

  3. Former Member

    Hi guys,

    I am just wondering if instead I use UNSPSC code in my material group field  I  use them in my product hierarchy field , because the level . Is this a option or I am missing something here?


  4. Former Member

    Due to the fact that UNSPSC codes regularly (at lease once a year there is a new version) and due to the fact that release strategies can base on material groups this would make an update to the internal processes inconvenient and exhausting. Therefor deploying the SAP classification system would be more proper here


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