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  1. Jason Cao

    Hi Jake,

    another excellent demonstration of how SAP Social Media Analytics tools can give us a different perspective on pop culture!

    Those following Miley Cyrus closely will probably know her intentions – specifically around changing the expectation around her brand. Unfortunately, I don’t follow that closely, so I’m with the Smith family. 😯

  2. Craig S

    The problem was that the buzz was so bad I had to go see it myself on you tube.  You know that at some point, good or bad, the level of buzz created gets so overwhelming that this happens.  Everyone has a limit at which point they have to go view something regardless if they hate it, or love it.  And that limit might change depending on the topic. 

    Some will never go see Miley’s performance no matter how high the social buzz, but those same people might have a low threshold in another area and be the first to view a video about a horrific accident caught on tape, or some puppy video that makes the rounds on facebook.

    It would be interesting to see if this tipping point in the “must see” for a topic has any consistency in social media and if it can be quantified for various topics.  At what negative or positive sentiment does the event grow its own life and become a must see event regardless of your affinity for the person/event?



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