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Reporting Against Solution Manager – with no BI Tools

Lluis Salvador Suarez asked me on a blog about how to report on Solution Manager with no BI tools.  Personally I do not do this, but you could use Excel directly against the BW cubes inside Solution Manager.

In Excel go to Data > Other Sources > Data Connection Wizard


Select Other/Advanced


Select SAP BW OLE DB Provider


You will log on to Solution Manager.  Then select $Infocube and your desired InfoCube.  I am select Incident Management Message Reporting.


I select a Pivot Table


Simple results:


Some down sides to this, in my opinion, are there are too many fields from the InfoCube are in the field list of the pivot table.  SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office is much easier to use as it can use the BEx Query as a data source (in addition to the cube) and limit what is returned from the cube.  My preference would be to use Analysis Office instead of Excel, but in case you do not have a license for it, this may be an alternative.

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