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Author's profile photo Vigneshwaran Odayappan

SCN and Me #SCN is 10

Being a little kid of SAP’s SCN Family , i wanted to share my experience with SCN on this special occasion 10th anniversary of SCN, and i would be so proud of being part of the SCN 10. I was quite surprised and happy  to see the community news asking us for participating in the event of SCN and me.i was also thinking of posting a blog in SCN(My first blog) and i thought this would be the right time for me to write a blog.(Am feeling proud right now on writing this blog).

Yes i Still remember the first day , when i logged into SCN for the very first time couple of years back as a new days goes on i didn’t feel the importance of SCN until i have been into a project.well the  project is based on the new technology Webdynpro which is very new to me , that moment which made me to get back into SCN again , from that day onwards i spend at least some time on SCN.

Later then i started to explore Webdynpro from the SCN contents ,back into SCN,i see SCN as good trainer to me and he taught me new stuffs and he guide me what should i do and how should i do.Forum posting also helped me a lot in issues sometimes,and later i see people with rejoice in posting their answer and their made me start do postings for the forum question.with the knowledge which i had got from SCN ,with which i was able withstand to my best on my first Project.

With that experience with SCN,all of the sudden i was investigating about SAP and Mobile , i found a SAP SCN space for Mobile where i was started reading the contents with curiosity.and i was looking for getting some hands on mobile work ,and i got the trails instance Sybase unwired platform (release SUP 2.1.2) hosted on some cloud server.  

Being a developer i was surprised and delighted to take part in getting hands on experience  and i registered myself ,got my trail instance up and running ,Also i have been provided with “know how” and “getting started Document”. with that i molded myself into Mobile application Development.

i was able to develop my first mobile application using SUP on MBO Approach  and i tested it using the Blackberry Simulator 🙂 and it works and later i showcased the application to the peer and i received a good feedback from them and i was been encouraged and supported for developing Mobile app. Then  we found some real time business use case were we can develop an application ,and finally we decided to go with some small use case on SAP PM.

As a result we have got some remarkable recognition which  gave me an opportunity to showcase my knowledge what ever i have gained and my work was noted and i was been asked to organize training to leverage the skill across the people,that is how SCN helped me in my career. 

I always love to follow people and at the same time SCN gives me a feature to follow people , so i make use of it to get the updates & information about the following person.

At the same time each individual spaces separation on SCN which gives me better convenience to get what i wanted and i also follow some the spaces in order to receive communication to keep me updated on the following space .

In my point of view sharing Knowledge makes happy ,But also the concept of gamification by introducing the badges gives more fun.

Its around 2 year am looking at SCN , so finally i would like conclude my story by telling u that i see SCN as my best friend, who can accompany me and make me more stronger. I would also like to Thank SCN and the founders SCN. i have also polled for SCN Founder 🙂 .Lets wait for the Poll result.Thanks for reading this blog.

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      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      Hi Vigneshwaran,

      Thanks for sharing your story, and indeed it's a very good moment to post your first blog!

      Good luck with your discovery of the SAP Mobile Platform, and keep those blog posts coming.

      Cheers, Fred

      Author's profile photo Vigneshwaran Odayappan
      Vigneshwaran Odayappan
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Fred, for your comment, sure going forward ,i will do the blog postings in SCN.


      Author's profile photo Tom Cenens
      Tom Cenens

      Hi Vigneshwaran

      Thx for sharing, it's an interesting story. I see a lot of similarity in terms of what happens when once becomes active on SCN reading the different #SCNis10 blog posts which is great as it shows the value of SCN.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Vigneshwaran Odayappan
      Vigneshwaran Odayappan
      Blog Post Author

      Of course Tom  you are right ,Active Participation in SCN has a great value,also i enjoy contributing SCN,Thanks for your Comment Tom.