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Requirement : GR Message to Buyer when goods received in a Certain Plant and Storage Locaton.

Configuration Settings.

1) SPRO-Material Management-Inventory Management & Physical Inventory-Output Determination-Maintain Condition Tables


Define a Condition table say 914 as per below screen shot and click on Generate button.


Now Click on Technical View and Select the Footer boxes for fields Plant and Storage location and Save.


2) SPRO-Material Management-Inventory Management & Physical Inventory-Output Determination-Maintain Access Sequence.

Here assign the condition table created 914 to the Access Sequence 0002  (which is for GR Mails) and Save.


3) SPRO-Material Management-Inventory Management & Physical Inventory-Output Determination-Maintain Output types.


Ensure the details are maintained as per below Screenshots.



You can maintain your own text (Buyer message) under Mail title and texts tab for your language.


Click on Text icon and maintain your text and Save.


4) SPRO-Material Management-Inventory Management & Physical Inventory-Output Determination-Maintain Output Determination Procedures.


Ensure the data has been maintained as per below screen shots.



5) Now Maintain the Condition record for MLGR condition type in transaction MN21 for your Key combination Plant / Storage Loc. / GR Message as per below screenshot and save.



Click on Communication tab and Maintain the entry as below. When you click on Communication tab system shows a Pop up that Dummy receipient will be assigned then click on Yes button. You can maintain the Purchase group user name or any other user name as required. If you want to receive Express mail then click on the “Express mail” checkbox and Save.


6) Now create a Purchase order and ensure that the GR message is checked in Header under Delivery/invoice tab and save the document.


ME21N GR mess.jpg

7) Now Perform the Goods receipt for the Purchase order created in above step and Ensure the storage location is used same as the condition record and Post the document.


8) Now you can check in your Inbox through SBWP transaction or by clicking on SAP Business Workplace from your SAP Easy access screen and you can observe the message delivered in your Inbox.


I welcome Suggestions / Comments.

Thanks & Regards,

Ashok Kumar Telugu

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    1. Ravindra Devarapalli


      I tried this in my client server. I am getting message and every thing is perfect. But only problem is whatever you written text same i written here, see below screen.

      What i am missing here is there any other coding missing configuration

      1. Former Member Post author

        Check the text maintained in the configuration once again. I believe that there is something wrong in the text you have maintained in the config.

  1. Cecil D'Souza

    As usual, people like you are talented enough to clearly outline and document your procedure in a very professional way. Perfect. Thank you very much Ashok.

  2. Former Member

    Hi Ashok garu,

    I have tried this for External mail. i have maintained e-mail ID and procedure which you have given, but i am not to get mail. what could be reason?


    B V

  3. Former Member


    Very useful document, thank you.

    My requirement is to have option of adding User to send mail to when GRN is made, as my buyer is not always the person who creates PR or PO, is there any way we can achieve this?

    Any information on that?



  4. alisa majer

    hello Ashok

    thank you for the very explanatory document.

    We have as Key combination in output type MLGR only GR output

    If the buyer is not always the same, is it sufficient to have  Dummy recipient for output

    in the dummy recipient?

    in theory the purchaser is out buyer and he should receive an email


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