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Data Geek Challenge – Analyzing Italian Lottery numbers from the Italian Lottery GoLive

Hi guys,

I want to use SAP Lumira to analyze italian lottery numbers, from GoLive of italian lottery to now.

To do this I have used a txt file with all extractions.


In Italy we organize lottery by cities. For each city, in a lottery extraction 5 numbers ( ranage [1,90]) are extracted.

In uploaded file there are:

– the extraction date

– the city code ( eg. MI for Milan, Na for Naples, TO for Turin and so on…)

– the 5 number extracted.

After this I have created a new document, using this datasource.

For each wheel I choose AVG as aggregation operator.


After this, let’s have fun with Lumira 🙂

I choose to diplay AVG number for each wheel, and to visualize in big the city wheel with biggest number extracted.


I discover that the first extraction average is high on Cagliari wheel.


Then I discovered that Cagliari got hottest(highest) numbers on quite all extractions from lottery GoLive:


Conclusion: when you will be in Italia enjoying a pasta alla matriciana near the Colosseo, and you see a Tabaccheria where you can play italian lottery, bet an high number on Cagliari wheel. You will be back home as a billionaire ! 🙂

Last but not least, all this is true if you are “truly” convinced that past drive the future in lottery. If not, spend your 2€ in more enjoyable italian activities, like having a gelato (Ice Cream) after your matriciana.


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