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Blog It Forward- Thrilochana Rajappa

Hi 🙂

I was blogged forwarded by Jitendra Kansal, thank you friend. I met JK in SAP mobile forum! I got to know about BIF from JK himself, found it interesting and the result is the blog.

If you are wondering what is this Blog It Forward! You can read here BIF

Who am I?

I am Thrilochana. With my birthplace and father’s name, I have become Thrilochana Kamenahalli Rajappa. Friends call me “tilu”. By Education I am a computer science graduate from Bangalore Institute of technology, by profession a quality software engineer at SAP. If you don’t see me in office then I will be trekking in the western ghats or Himalayas of India or watching a play at local theater or acting in some of the plays or writing a Kannada play or reading a book. I started my carer with IBM India Software Labs and recently joined SAP. And enjoying it 🙂


This was taken during my last Himalayan trek in may 2103.


This is from “Rumours” play written by Neil Simon.

Fun Fact about my country India

You can  see a different culture in every 100 kilometers in India. People eat different food, people speak a different language, they differ in their dressing style. Isn’t this amazing? There are many facts I can list! But I always amazed by the diversity which India has 🙂


Describe in one short sentence: “what need does your SAP solution meet”

” What is here is found elsewhere. What is not here is no nowhere” – Mahabharatha

Childhood dream!

I hail from a small village in western ghats of Karnataka State. My dreams changed as I grew up, wanted to be a farmer when I was kid, during school days I started winning debate competitions, eventually wanted to become a lawyer. And at the end became a software engineer by profession! no regrets, 😀

The best book I ever read:

Difficulty of being good there is a quote from this book. ” What is here is found elsewhere. What is not here is no nowhere” about Mahabharath. Mahabharatha is a epic story from India. This book took me to a different era.

I liked World is flat from Thomas Friedman as well. This book explains how globalization made the world smaller 🙂

In response to Jitendra’s BIF,

What makes you smile/laugh?

A joke from a friend or a book (I consider book as my friend)

Had you not been into software at all, where would you have been?

I would have been a Lawyer 🙂 Sometimes If i look back, would have become a theater artist 🙂

3) What is the craziest thing you would have done in your life? 🙂

hahaha! I have done many such crazy things 🙂 I have to mention one, Group of 5 had gone to a western ghats trek in a rainy season once, without a jacket. We had to stand in rain and in the middle of the forest for one complete night 🙂 A one bottle of raw vodka saved all of us!

I would like to blog it forward to

Hrusikesh Dala

Venkatesh Ilango

And the chain continues..! If possible please answer these three questions 🙂

1. What do you think is the best innovation till today?

2. Which is the best trekking hill in your country?

3. Which is the best book you ever read?

Have fun while learning technology, thanks for visiting my blog!



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