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SPRO Exception on SAP EHP2 and higher versions

I want to share one problem which we faced when we upgraded to EHP2.

We came across a situation where we were not able to open SPRO in SAP CRM. Whenever we click on the IMG in Transaction Code ‘SPRO’ to maintain customizing settings then we were getting an Exception.

I want to share this because if someone facing the same problem then he will not have to worry about this.


We were using SAP GUI 7.10 version. That is why we are getting the exception because SAP GUI 7.10 do not support the SPRO in new EHP2 and higher versions.

So what we did to solve this is we simply upgrade our SAP GUI from SAP GUI 7.10 to SAP GUI 7.30 and the problem get resolved.

And now we are able to open SPRO in EHP2 version as well.

To upgrade your GUI with latest one you can go with the link

Here you will find the path to install or upgrade your SAP GUI to GUI 7.30

Hope this post will help  if someone is facing the same Issue.


Kumar Gaurav

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  • Yeah, I  had the same problem some time ago, you  also can avoid this dump without upgrading SAP GUI(not recommended, of course):

    Go to SPRO in menu/options/general tab and here disable the first checkbox, this will make the spro tree look ugly, but at least won't dump 😀



    • Hi Luis,

      I have not tried this. Anyways Thanks for sharing 🙂 .

      One question coming in my mind , why upgrading SAP GUI is not recommended as its easily available on SAP Marketplace 😕 .


      Kumar Gaurav

      • No no, I didn't mean that, I explained a workaround to avoid the dump if you don't want/can upgrade SAP GUI, and this is exactly what I don't recommend 🙂

        SAP GUI should be upgrade as soon as new version or patch is released.