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The latest provisioning of “Intelligent  Business Operations” trail appliance is available at Try Intelligent Business Operations on Cloud Appliance Library .


In Q4 2012 we have announced the availability of a SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration trial development environment on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allows you to set up your own hands-on experience quickly with the latest pre-installed SAP NetWeaver Developer Studioand the sample pre-configured applications. Read more in this blog: Try SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in Public Cloud!


We have now updated the image through SAP Solutions on Cloud to SP7 of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration. From now on, all new users that sign up for the trial will be accessing an instance with the SP7 version and get avail of all new features with SP6 and SP7.


If you have missed them, here are the two “what’s new” blogs walking through all new features and improvements:

What is new in SP6 of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31

What is new in SP7 of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration 7.31


Getting started with the process Orchestration trial on AWS:

  • Next steps are here:

Launching your instance via AWS CloudFormation


Quick FAQ:

  • I am currently using the instance. Could I extend the license after the initial trial period is over?

A: Yes, you could request a new 90 days key and then a new one as long as you want to use the Process Orchestration developer environment through SAP Solutions on Cloud hosted on AWS.


  • Is there any way to migrate my existing content on the SP5 image and start using the SP7 image?

A: Unfortunately you have to start over if you would like to use the SP7 image.


  • If I do not have any content on the SP5 image, can I delete the old key, request a new license key and start using the SP7 image?

A: You can request a new free 90-day license key from here using C73 System ID:

To use the new key you will need to delete the old license out of the system first in order to be able to apply the new one.

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      1. Vikas Singh

        I could launch the instance and connect to the machine via RDP but can’t log on to PO.

        Has the password changed ? I tried  Administrator ( user ) and abcd1234 ( password )

        from the below link .

        but got locked out as I kept trying 🙂 .

        Tried to logon via SAP* by going to configtool

        but can’t edit the below properties either.

        ume.superadmin.activated and ume.superadmin.password



  1. Former Member

    Hi Richard,

    As of SAP NetWeaver 7.31 you can use optionally as a 3rd installation option (besides dual stack and AEX) SAP NetWeaver PI, BRM and BPM capabilities together as a co-installation of the AEX and BPM/BRM usage types, a.k.a Process Orchestration deployment option. The Process Orchestration solution includes BPM and AEX and is SAP’s on-premise integration and orchestration platform.

    This Process Orchestration trial offering, available on Amazon public cloud, includes BPM and AEX and is provided by SAP to be used for development testing purposes.

    If you are interested to use process integration capabilities in the cloud you may want to review the SAP HANA Cloud Integration offering.

    If you are interested to get avail of the Early Customer & Partner Project for HCI please read this blog for details how to participate: SAP HANA Cloud Integration – Test and learn more about SAP’s cloud based integration solution.

    Hope this helps.

      1. Former Member

        I am planning to try SAP PO on cloud. By any chance are you planning to upgrade the instance to newer SP ? If I am not wrong the latest version that SAP released is SP11.

        1. Abhinag Palvadi
          Post author

          HI Ravindra,

          Yes. SP11 is currently released SP. We are updating the PO instance to SP11 and it should be available in couple of weeks from now.




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