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Quotation transaction type not shown in WebUI

This blog explains potential causes and solutions to the issue that quotation transaction type is not shown on WebUI to create.

1, transaction type should have GUI Webclient UI maintained in Channel

2, transaction type should have leading transaction category BUS2000115

3, In item category determination, all item categories assigned to the quotation transaction type must be quotation items. Otherwise, this quotation transaction type will not be considered as a quotation transaction type if one of the item categories is not quotation ite.

For example,

Quotation transaction type ZAG2 has item catogiries assigned

ZAG2  AGN -> quotation item

ZAG2  AGC -> quotation item

ZAG2  AGN -> quotation item

ZAG2  AGN -> quotation item

ZAG2  TAN -> sales item

In this case, ZAG2 is not considered as a quotation. We need to delete ZAG2 -> TAN in item determination.

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  • My understanding on the system behavior to show up Quotation in Web UI

    • Input Process Type in Table CRMC_IT_ASSIGN
    • Copy Item Type
    • Input Item Type in Table CRMC_SALES_ITEM
    • IS_QUOTATION should have same number or blank



    • Thanks Pavan.

      I tried to explain from a customizing point of view. It is targeted on solving a general issue. You know, we cannot ask a user to put process type in a DB table to solve the issue.

      Please let me know if I miss any point or make any mistake. I will study it and correct it.

      Thank you.