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Join the Celebration! – #SCNis10

In Chip Rodgers’ recent blog, “10 Year Anniversary for #SCN!  (#SCNis10)”, he highlights the 10th year anniversary of SAP Community Network, and some of the activities that will take place throughout the rest of 2013 to celebrate. Now that the plans are refined, we’re sharing the specifics so that you won’t miss out on the fun! 

Each week, leading up to a big celebration at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, there are activities planned for the Community, by its members, for its members. Here are the highlights:

Walk Down Memory Lane – Milestone Posts

Longtime members are sharing their experiences over the years in milestone video blogs that will be posted both in SCN and on the SAP Facebook timeline. Check out the 2003, 2004 , 2005 and 2006 milestone posts. Milestones.JPG

*Example milestones for SCN

#SCNis10 Missions               

SCNis10Hat.pngThere are two missions that you can complete related to #SCNis10. Blog about your experiences with SCN and how it has influenced your career (and maybe your life) in the “SCN and Me” challenge. Contributors will receive this special badge, as well as an extra 5 points in addition to the usual 10 for a blog. But make these blogs good ones. We will be checking to insure that entries qualify as blogs. Including a video in the blog is a big plus. Winners of the best blogs will be highlighted at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.                           

SCNis10check.pngThe second mission is the “Real Founder of SCN” poll, where you can vote for your favorite founder of SCN.  Now we all know that Shai Agassi was probably inarguably the true founder back in 2003. But just for fun, we’ve asked some of the key players to tell us why they should be known as the original founder. Watch the interesting video submissions from Shay Barry, Craig Cmehil, Mark Finnern, Etay Gafni, Marilyn Pratt, and Jeff Word, and vote for your favorite. You will receive this badge and 1 point for voicing your opinion. The “founder” with the most votes will be announced at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.

SAP TechEd Celebrations

We plan to have a physical representation of SCN, past, present and future, in the clubhouse at TechEd this year. If you attend, this will be a “must see”, with rolling videos of key milestones from the past and present. There will also be an area where you can make your mark about what SCN could be in the future.

Also, watch for party activities at key TechEd events like balloons, streamers, and maybe even birthday cake to commemorate this important milestone for the Community.

Thank you to those of you who have already contributed to the celebration, as well as those of you who are committed to participate in the near future. Here is the lineup of activities week by week:

Week Beginning


Planned Activities

July 29


Aug 5


Aug 12


Aug 19


  • Marilyn Pratt and Audrey Stevenson talk about the beginnings of Business Process Experts (BPX).
  • The second of two missions for “SCN is 10” launches, providing you the opportunity to blog about your experiences with SCN as “SCN and Me”.

Aug 26


  • Chip Rodgers shares a video blog of his experiences over the years with SCN.

Sep 2


  • Jason Cao blogs about the experience of launching the Business Objects Community in 2008.
  • Mark Finnern shares his experiences working on SCN.

Sep 9


  • Nigel James and Darren Hague share the history of Inside Track Events.
  • Scott Lawley talks about the launch of Career Center.
  • Mark Yolton provides a video blog, sharing his experience and thoughts about SCN.

Sep 16


  • Rui Noguiera shares his memories of the launch of “Code Exchange”.
  • Thomas Jung reminisces about his years as a lead participant in SCN.

Sep 23


  • I’ll be blogging about the milestone of reaching 100,000 contributors.

Sep 30


  • Tim Clark posts about launching the Business Trends space.
  • Matt Johnson gives his perspective on the new SCN platform launch.

Oct 7


  • Laure Cetin shares her experience bringing gamification to SCN.

Oct 14


Oct 21

Nov 4

Dec 9

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