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I was blogged forward by Mohammed Yakub Shah and Arindam Mondal. Thanks to you for letting me participate in this innovative and exciting game of ‘passing the baton’ in SCN and thanks to xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) for this wonderful initiative. I am glad I could be a link to keep this chain growing even a year (to be exact 1 year and three days πŸ˜€ ) after it was created.

About Me:

I am an SAP Consultant working in Gulf Piping Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Previously I was working with Wipro Technologies, Bangalore. I did not chose SAP. I was randomly put in the SAP batch among the campus recruited students batches in Wipro, for which I am very grateful to God. Coz I thoroughly love SAP and ABAP programming and am not sure if I would have enjoyed anything else as much.

It was only in the last one year that I started becoming active in SCN, the gamification definitely played a role initially, but then it slowly moved to that satisfaction you get in being able to help someone solve some problem in addition to the excitement of solving puzzling situations.

In the company I am working, I am the only SAP ABAP Consultant, and I used to feel a little lonely when it comes to SAP and ABAP but once I was active in SCN, I never felt alone : Felt I was part of an SAP family with many friends to share the experiences in SAP and ABAP. 

SCN soon became a part of my daily routine and if I open my browser, you can bet an SCN tab would be opened.

About my Home Land :

I was born in the southern most state in India, called Kerala, often known as God’s Own country. Kerala is one of the most beautiful places and is a very popular tourist destination.

Its beauty is mostly contributed by back waters, long shoreline with serene beaches, paddy fields, waterfalls and wild life.

backwater  alleppey.jpg



A few facts about Kerala : Kerala is the state which has the highest Human Development Index (HDI) (0.790) in the country, highest literacy rate (almost 100%), the highest life expectancy (74 years) and the highest *** ratio (as defined by number of women per 1000 men: 1,083 women per 1000 men) among all Indian states. Malayalam is the most widely and official language spoken in Kerala.

Questions Asked :

  1. What are the best experiences that you had while being part of this community? I enjoy every moment in SAP. As mentioned before, the thrill of solving issues, is one of the best experiences : that moment when you know that your solution solved a problem, and to know that it saved someone’s day makes it even more better.
  2. What are the hobbies or activities that you enjoy most? Music Music Music. I love listening to music and playing music. I can sit for hours and hours and hours on my guitar, violin and piano.
  3. What would you be if not an SAP Consultant ? – Financial and Stock Market Analyst.
  4. What was the most fun project you ever participated in and why? – It was a chatting application that we friends created in college. The amount of fun that was we used to have by chatting with the friends sitting in the same room under the noses of our lecturers was some fun. πŸ™‚

I would like to pass the baton to

Frédéric Girod

Ramesh .

Raymond Giuseppi

My questions to you..

  • What was your dream job as a kid?
  • Who has inspired and motivated you the most?
  • What is the most important quality that you hope to find in your colleague that will make your work place a better place?

To know more about BIF, refer this blog. Blog It Forward Community Challenge. Once you complete the BIF, update your details in the BIF chain –

Blog It Forward Chain



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  1. Ravi Sankar Venna

    Hi Susmitha,

    Welcome to BIF. Good to know you.

    If there is any greenest place is there in the world, then that is surely none other than Kerala. Very nice pictures, they all looks taken from dream land. πŸ˜‰

    All the best.



  2. Matthew Billingham

    Yes, they are lovely pictures, but I’m forced to correct you. Yorkshire (England) is God’s own country. πŸ™‚

    At home, we have pianos, guitars, a violin, a mandolin and a ukulele. If you know violin, get a mandolin – they sound great and have the same fingering as violin.

    1. Ravi Sankar Venna

      Hi Matthew,

      Good to know you. I live in UK and Yorkshire is such a nice place and beautiful landscapes.

      You would surely love and appreciate the beauty of Kerala, mesmerizing greenery, sea cost, beautiful culture. πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,


    2. Former Member Post author

      Hope to come and see the “God’s Own Country” in UK too!

      I have never played a mandolin! If the fingering is same as violin, I am definitely going to explore into that too..

  3. FrΓ©dΓ©ric Girod

    Hi Susmitha,

    Your home land is an incredible place πŸ™‚

    Thank you the “baton”, now I have to take my english dictionnary and try to write some words without with not too much errors πŸ˜‰



  4. Former Member

    Hi Susmitha,

    I too enjoy answering the question posted in SCN. If i open Internet Explorer definitely one tab will be SCN. Now i am in Kochi working in TCS as an ABAP Developer. Really i too love kerala’s beauty. Actually i am from Andhra Pradesh. Without SAP i cant imagine my life.



  5. Former Member

    Hi Susmitha,

    My story matches exactly with yours. Even I was recruited in Wipro, Bnglore and trained in SAP. later moved ahead with other organization.. It was nice when i read it. Cheers !

  6. Jayaraj chembra

    Hi Susmitha…

    Nice to see your SCN blog attracts everyone to our home land.

    What an idea  πŸ™‚

    By the way one more Ex Wiproite from Gods own country….



  7. Former Member

    Hi Susmitha,

    This blog not only shows kerala beauty. It also express your attitude, knowledge and sharing.

    Keep posting good blog like this.


    Hari Suseelan

      1. Former Member

        Hi Susmitha,

        Using SAP Lumira and Excel Data sources, I have generated some of the Graphically represented figures.

        Data Geek Challenge: Rajinikanth: Great Living Indian in India Cinema :

        Data Geek Challenge – Sachin Tendulkar Using SAP Lumira:–sachin-tendulkar-using-sap-lumira

        Hari Suseelan

  8. Gaurav Gautam

    Hello Susmitha,

      Great blog . Its good to hear from you πŸ™‚ Really good pics.Once I worked with you through SCN πŸ˜› and it was a great experience.Learnt a lot from you



  9. ' MoazzaM '

    Hi Susmitha

    I have heared that in Kerala most of the people are well educated but good to know that literacy rate is almost 100% which really unbelievable. What are the reasons that in Kerala everyone has good education but not in other areas of country? And pictures you have shared are really awsome and beautiful. Hope I could visit there πŸ™


  10. Former Member

    Hi Susmitha,

    Its good to know you, I am also among of those SAPers who didnt choose SAP by their own but are forced or luckily became a part of it..but yeah now njoying becoming a SAPer ..:)

  11. Former Member

    Hi Susmitha,

    Nice BIF πŸ™‚ . I visited Kerala like 5 years back and truly its a beautiful place. I loved the natural beauty and serenity that kerala is blessed with. No doubt its called “God’s own country” πŸ™‚ . I liked the beaches too especially kovalam beach. πŸ™‚ Reading your blog has freshened some memories of that trip πŸ™‚



  12. Ram Kumar Swami

    Hi Susmitha,

    Glad to know about you.

    Pictures are really great…!

    I would like to visit Kerala once. I also love music. If you could have uploaded a short video clip of yours playing Guitar… πŸ™‚ . 




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