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Customizing Header rows in Standard reports like FBL1N, FBL3N & FBL5N

Hi All, This is a small attempt at helping to change the header rows in above standard reports.

Its a very minor change but ignored many a times. Hope this will be helpful to the new guys in FICO.

By default the report will show the output like below for open items in FBL1N. Here you will not have information like the report generation date or open items date which based on which the report is generated. These are important information for any financial information if you print the data or send out to someone.


There is a option to customize this to business needs. For ex to include report generation date and Open item as of date, please follow below steps.

Step 1. Go to settings > Layout > Current header rows


Step 2: Insert new lines wherever required and update the label name like in this case “Report generated date:” and “Open item as of date”


Under Gen. Variables you can see the various options available. In our case its date of Output.

Step 3: Add text for Open items as of date and this will be a characteristics relate variable. A lot of options will be available here.

Step 3.JPG

Step 4: You can add more fields like address lines for vendors, contact details etc. After that Save the changes.


Step 5: Now the report will be generated with updated fields. You can also save different headers for different layouts also.

last step.JPG


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