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Occupational Injuries – Brazil data from

Some Brazilian data were opened by many segments of government. So I’ll show some analysis about a important topic that is Occupational Injuries occurred between years 2002 and 2009.

At Brazil we have 26 States plus Federal District, SAP Lumira will provide many ways to visualize that data.

Before going further I’ll explain some terms used on analysis:

  • CAT is “Comunicação de Acidente de Trabalho” in portuguese, in english it is  “Occupational Injury Communication”, when an injury occur, a communication must be done.
  • Injuries With Typical CAT: Communication for a typical injury
  • Injuries With On The Way CAT: Communication for a injury occured while the worker was on the way to work/home
  • Injuries With Disease CAT: Communication for a injury related to a Occupational Disease (
  • Deaths: Communication for a injury that ends with the dead of worker
  • Injuries Without CAT: Injuries that didn’t were communicated correctly

The data was gotten from<year>/acidentes-do-trabalho.csv but was enriched with Latitude and Longitude of State to show Geo information on graphs. The labels of columns also modified to English.

After changes, the dataset was imported using the option to import from CSV.

SAP Lumira - 1.png

As you can see, it isn’t a Big Data file, but contains important information that deserves attention.

To start, let’s get the Injury on The Way by State into a map. It will show the all states with the injury type registered.

SAP Lumira - 2 (Injuries on The Way CAT) by State.png

Now, let’s retrieve the top 10 states in number of Injuries With Disease CAT.

SAP Lumira - 3 (Top 10 Injuries With Disease CAT) by State.png

The next one has terrible data, the number of deaths caused for injury while working.

SAP Lumira - 4 (Deaths Sum and Deaths Area) By State.png

The next visualization shows the evolution of number of injuries by type, we can verify that the numbers indicate we need more efforts to reduce the injury rate, in the meantime we can see a tendency to reduction on 2008 and 2009 in a moment that Brazilian economy was growing and more people were being contracted for new job positions. Maybe the use of protection equipments and instruction are increasing in the companies.

SAP Lumira - 5 (Evolution of Injury Types).png

Now, we’ll see the last visualization and conclusions about the Occupation Injuries.

SAP Lumira - 6 (Evolution of Injury Types).png

A good news is that Deaths are reducing, the bad news is that Injuries On the Way are increasing, it coincides with decrease of quality of public transport and roads on last years.

Sorry for not happy data, but we need to show the all data types and work to try revert the bad numbers.

If more detailed data are available, we could get more interesting information like age, gender, industry segment, quarter of year and so and make a better work with data. If I can get it, I’ll update this post.

Let’s hack the open data around the world.

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