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My Journey on SCN till i became Platinum

Yesterday i became Active Contributor Platinum so thought of sharing my experience with involving on SCN.

I don’t know how i thank to SAP community Network (SCN). The Social Network for SAP Professionals where SAP software users, students, developers, mentors, consultants involve to get help, share their ideas, learn and connect with others. The hundreds of spaces contain related discussion threads, blogs, poll, document.

Being a Mobile platform developer, my key areas of interest have been SAP for Mobile, SAP Mobile Platform Developer Center, SAP Netweaver Technology Platform for more than one year over SCN. Interacting with lot of experts David Clavey, David Brandow  , Midhun VP , Ali Chalhoub, Tahir , Brenton O’Callaghan, Carolyn Coad , Milja Gillespie, Sumeet S ,Daniel van Leeuwen and many more on these spaces have been an amazing experience. Thanks to all for sharing your ideas and help.

A great and wonderful blogging challenge Blog It Forward initiated by xMoshe Naveh (Old Acct) to know other SCN members’ dreams, ambitions and what fascinates in the World of SAP couldn’t stop me writing my BIF. Many other SCN members have been sharing their lifestyle through their’s BIF.

Thanks Moshe for this.

Coffeer Corner a space where anyone can share and discuss any topic that is on their mind have been a hang out place for me.  This space makes me happy while reading others’ threads, blogs etc and so i have written some blogs in form of POEM.

Lanching of SCN Gamification have changed the way people engage on SCN because it gives everyone something to strive for, and provide helpful tips for successful engagement in the community. A lot of interesting missions can’t stop me from involving on SCN. Thanks to Gamification core team  Laure Cetin  ,Audrey Stevenson, Oliver Kohl and Sean Yang, Jeanne Carboni and others for your wonderful effort.

I sincerely admire Carrer Center, SAP certification space where i got to know lot of information regarding career opportunities in SAP world, about SAP certification process etc. I thanks Ravi Sankar Veena, Susan Martin, Chirag Shah , Tammy Powlas, Thomas Dulaney and others for sharing their views and experience.

A regular help and assitance at SCN Support has never let me down. I really appreciate Jason Lax , Oliver KohlJurgen and others.

And last not the least Data Geek Challenge initiated byNic Smith, Mitesh Patel has introduced SAP Lumira – Quickly analyze data for rapid time-to-insight and business agility – no scripting required. Thanks for your great work.

I appreciate and thanks other SCN members also for their kind help and involvement on SCN.

Thanks for reading. Your comments are most welcome.


Jitendra Kansal

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