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How to connect SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 with SAP Data Services 4.0

When Rodrigo and I were looking for a nice how to guide to be able to load data from a non-SAP source, via SAP Data Services into SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 although we were able to find several examples, however it seems most of then were missing one step or two. So we have decided to put together a how to guide that we understand is complete: from setting up SAP Data Services to get the data into SAP NetWeaver BW.

Anyway, if you see something missing, please, let us know so we can enhance the document.

Step by step guide:

1.       Enter on SAP Data Services Management Console.

2.       Logon and choose the Administrator option.


3.       Select SAP Connections <RFC Server Interface> RFC Server Interface Configuration.

4.       Then press the “Add” button.


5.       Fill the information as showed below.



     RFC program ID has to be the same you are going to use later on in T-code SM59

     Username refers to a userid with connection priveleges

6.       Now, enter in SAP Netweaver BW system.

7.       Call the Transaction code RSA1.

8.       In Modeling menu, select Source System.

9.       Chose Data Service, and then right click à “Create”.


10.   The Create Source System window will appear.

11.   Insert the Logical System Name and Source System Name. Then, continue (it is not necessary to provide the “release type”).


12.   The RFC Destination will appear.

13.   On Technical Settings tab, insert the Program ID created on Data Service (Step 5).

14.   Verify if the connection is Unicode or No-Unicode. As default, connection is created as No-Unicode. If needs to change the settings, use the Unicode tab.

15.   Then, press “Connection Test” button.


16.   Save and will show “Attributes of BO Data Services System” window.

17.   Insert the repository, job server and source data service.


  • HINT:

If occurs this error:


Check if you are logged in client system to make these steps (this could not work over VPN or other remote connection type). Then, try again.


18.   Now, we created the Data Service source system.


19.   In Modelling menu, select DataSource.

20.   Select SAP Data Service, and select the created logical system.


21.   In any InfoArea, right click and choose “Create DataSource”.


22.   Insert the DataSource name and DataSource Type. Then, continue.


23.   Insert a description to the DataSource.


24.  On Extraction tab, inform the tables that will be extract the information.




25.   On Proposal tab, press Request Structure Information.

26.   Verify if all fields, types and lengths are correct.


27.   Activate this DataSource.

28.   Return to DataSource window. Right click on the new DataSource and select “Create InfoPackage”.

29.   Write a name and Save.




30.   On Schedule tab, select Start.


31.   Select the Job Monitor and check if was loaded successfully.


It’s possible to see the same job running in Data Service monitor.

In Data Service Designer,  double click in Transactional Master Structures -> Transaction Infosources, select the InfoPackage created and then Import.


After import, replace the existent Data Flow to the newest flow imported. Then, save the job.


After this, it will be possible to see the same process on SAP Netweaver BW.

We hope you find this useful!

Best regards

Rodrigo & Eduardo

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