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How SCN contributed to my SAP career#SCNis10

I came across several young guys who are very enthusiastic about SAP careers & want to catch this SAP career bus which offers you lot of career opportunities. After reading my blog
Many of such guys came to me & asked me a question, how to excel in SAP field?Usually I offer list of advices to them which can be really useful them.
But if you analyze the list, my list will start with one very important advice i.e. spend at least 5 to 10 hours on SAP Community Network per month if you really want to make a dazzling & exciting SAP career. SCN is not a just forum where we can ask questions & get answers, it’s a platform which will enrich you with knowledge & experiences.
SCN contributed to my career in multiple ways & in multiple roles. I will enlist those ways & roles here:
1) SCN as trouble shooter – When I was on my first implementation, I came across numerous issues which I was totally unaware of. I was under immense pressure to deliver particular task within mentioned deadline. At that time SCN acted as trouble shooter & solved my many issues. Issues related configurations as well as issues related processes. Solutions I received from SCN were credible & worked well. It was my first successful implementation & definitely SCN have lion’s share in it.
2) SCN as source of eternal satisfaction – When you answer somebody’s query & that person thanks you from bottom of his heart, it gives you immense satisfaction. When people thank you for your blogs, it gives you immense satisfaction. At SCN only I truly discovered meaning of term – “Joy of Giving”.
3) SCN as my Knowledge Booster – I always used SCN to enhance my SAP knowledge. I feel to enhance you’re your knowledge there is no other better medium available. In my job, I work for specific area/process of SD which apparently makes my knowledge base limited. But on SCN people across globe post different kind of questions & queries. Attempting those helps me to enhance my knowledge. It helps me to become a complete SAP consultant.
4) SCN makes healthy competitor – At SCN I always try to answer the questions with best of my knowledge & experience which makes me healthy competitor. Competition will bring best of you on the table.There is fun in competing with other members & getting reward points.

4) SCN Active Silver Contributor tag adds value to my resumeWhen an interviewer saw Active Silver Contributor tag on my resume, he felt confident about my SAP skills. This tag will give respect in your professional life. It’s good to have thing which will add value to your career & your resume.

I will describe SCN’s 10 year journey in 3 words: Magical, Magnificent, Mesmerizing.

Wishing all the very best to SAP Community Network for future endeavor.
God Bless All Of SAP Community.

Balaji Udhavrao Parsewar
Certified SAP SD Consultant
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    • Thanks Jitendra.

      I always feel SCN is the source of my energy & enthusiasm.

      Actually I would like to create tagline for our forum - 

      "Learning never stops here." 🙂 🙂



  • Hi Balaji,

    I'm glad you balance your "healthy competition" on SCN with a "joy of giving".

    It's fun to get acknowledgement and recognition, but it's even richer to validate yourself by being someone that "pays it forward" with knowledge share.

    Thanks for participating in this blogging contest and for sharing your thoughts here.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    till today SCN was only trouble shooter fro me.

    but you teach me that it can be more



  • Hi Balaji, I agree to every point of your article! I would not be able to enlist all the advantages of SCN more precisely than you did it. Since I started to work for I became a regular visitor  at SCN and I managed to solve a lot of problems using it. Ans I'm still a devoted user at scn and appreciate it even more with time passing.

    • Hi Nataniel,

      Thanks for your appreciation. I feel each & every SCN members should bring best of his/her knowledge & skills to forum which will results in enrichment of entire SAP Community.

  • Hi Balaji,

    Well Said. I Agree with you. SCN is an Ocean the only difference between real ocean and SCN is SCN never sinks your boat when your are stuck by storm of Problems raised in a real time implementation environment it not only helps you to remain afloat but also pace up your speed towards achieving perfection day by day.

    Keep motivating us.... 🙂



  • Hi,

    As emails are no longer sent when someone becomes an active contributor, did you give your SCN ID as a proof of being active contributor or were you carrying a  printout of screenshot of active contributor in your profile at the time of Interview. I am curious as I am also a Silver contributor but do not have any mail which I can show as a proof.