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I have been working with SAP development for some years now.

I have never worked as an ABAP or Java developer, but as a basis administrator or as the technical architect. Regardless of what role I have had, I have been solving many issues regarding transports and changes in the SAP Systems.

Still I experience the same issues and questions that we had ten years ago. How come we cannot improve?

I have seen so many different system setups to fulfill the same goal. I have seen very good examples of Change Management, I have also seen very frightening examples.

In this blog series I will write about my experiences in Change Management. In the planning stage I have listed five parts. It might be modified later on.

Part 1 – Three is not a crowd (posted 2013-08-26)

Part 2 – How not to maintain production system (posted 2013-09-02)

Part 3 – Four is the new three

Part 4 – How strong planning allows agile development

Part 5 – Other things to consider in Change Management

I hope to hear from you with comments and other ideas to write about.

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  1. Nilutpal Sharmah

    Hi Fredrik,

    Please go on with your extended blogs. I am humbly waiting to learn more on change management  and I am quite sure your extensive area of expertise will surely help us to clear our concept !!

    Thanking you,



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