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Trading in Risk and Reward To Building a Career

All too often, we hear advice geared towards either investors or employees, but rarely both. For employees, we commonly hear about how we should find a good, steady job with a stable company, preferably with benefits like health insurance and share options and pensions.

For investors, we hear about how to diversify our portfolios, or how we should follow this hot tip and try to stay one step ahead of the market. While much of this advice is helpful, there are lessons that employees can take from investors. After all, many of the skills we learn as employees involve some kind of investment, typically of both time and money. Investing poorly has long-lasting ramifications with decreased earnings and fewer career prospects.

Focusing on the field of technology in particular, investing time and money into growing a useable skill set is more essential than almost any other industry.

Technology is perpetually changing, and keeping up can sometimes seem like a job in and of itself. Furthermore, the question often becomes, what area should you keep up with?

Learn The Right Skill

The technology bone yard is full of miscalculated gambles. Your predecessors have had to decide between hardware configurations, operating systems, programming languages, and more. Those who make a bad choice lose out and ended up with misspent time and an ultimately useless skill set, while those who were lucky enough to pick the correct bleeding edge went on to prosper. So, how do you pick the area you should focus on for the greatest chance of success?

From personal experience I know one area that many IT professionals turn to that remains lucrative and stable is working with SAP systems.

SAP has been around for a long time and remains the market leader in enterprise business systems. Just as an example of current opportunities in the US market, a recent survey of SAP professionals revealed that freelance SAP consultants often earn as much as $100 to $120 per hour. Tech spending is also increasing as the economy recovers and companies seek to innovate, providing a number of fresh opportunities.

These facts indicate that a career working with SAP technologies has two important qualities that make it attractive for employees looking to invest in their future:

  1. SAP have built dependable business solutions used by many companies with a long history, making it relatively low-risk.
  2. Individuals with SAP skills enjoy lucrative careers and are in high demand.

A driving factor behind the on-going success of SAP and SAP consultants is the constant innovation of the functionality that SAP provides. This doesn’t mean that SAP consultants are not immune to the same burdens shared by other IT professionals: the constant need to remain up-to-date and informed, and to keep polishing their skills. However, this need for regular updating is also good news, as it indicates this technology has not reached a point of stagnation that has been the death knell of many technologies that fell behind.

Even now, SAP is innovating in the fields of cloud computing and mobile access, remaining in the forefront and providing opportunities to consultants to bring their clients the most up-to-date technology solutions on the market for their enterprises.

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