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My best development friend – Autoresponder FTW

Often I get complaints if the SAP Portal is still running. The portal seems to be slow, pages are empty. I know what is going on, I am developing the custom framework, fixing some bugs or adding new functionality. Deploying the portal application takes some time and you will notice it.

Now most of the intelligence in the custom framework (Ajax) is client side. This means that you can call javascript functions that retrieve information from the backend (LSAPI). Previously I had to change the code in NWDS, deploy it and wait for some seconds to see the result. My collegues yelled at me again: “Noël are you deploying?”. With a big smile I did not say anything.

Well… my collegues love me once more. How? I am using Fiddler (and other HTTP watchers) and discovered there’s a neat functionality in it. It’s called “Autoresponder”.

Ok, here’s the deal. Step by step this time to set everything up.

Step 1:

Get the files you will change a lot. In my case they are located in my portal application.

Screenshot - 20-8-2013 , 12_57_08.png

Step 2:

Copy and paste the files into a folder (e.g. d:\noel\fiddler)

Screenshot - 20-8-2013 , 12_58_35.png

Step 3:

Setup fiddler with autoresponder settings:

Screenshot - 20-8-2013 , 13_00_59.png

Go to Autoresponder > Add rule. Now you need to know the location of your css and js files while viewing as an end user:

Screenshot - 20-8-2013 , 13_03_45.png

Copy and paste the url of the css file into the rule definition

Screenshot - 20-8-2013 , 13_07_21.png

When Fiddler sees this file, it will be ‘replaced’ by the one you defined.

Step 4: Enable it

Screenshot - 20-8-2013 , 13_10_54.png

Step 5:

Change your local files as often as you like. No one will notice it!!!

Step 6:

Don’t forget to save your changes back to the origional source (portal project) when you are finished.

Happy developing!


Noël Hendrikx – SAP Portal consultant @ Peppie Portals.

Specialized in Corporate branding SAP Portal / Adobe Interactive Forms.

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My best development friend – Autoresponder FTW


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      Author's profile photo Phil Lachance
      Phil Lachance

      This is a great tip, I wish I had known about this a long time ago!