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  1. Former Member

    Hi Amanjit,

    I have created BRF+ flat rule(lineitem by lineitem) and decision table as per that, but dif. paths are not followed. could you suggest why


    There are 2 diff. paths created for 2 diff. role name(type) Z* and non Z*. But my request always follows the non Z* path, as shown below. i have also tried hard-coding Line item no., but still it only follows only non Z* path.


    1. Former Member

      Enable MSMP rules debugging (TA GRFNMW_DEBUG and GRFNMW_DEBUG_MSG) to see what is your decission table in BRF+ actually really returning during runtime (you will see the calculated results of the BRF+ call for every line item in MSMP logs.

  2. Gustavo Soares

    Nice article. May I ask the following, please?

    a) are there examples of “Some of business cases not possible in flat rule”, as per summary #5?

    b) which type should we use for decisions that affect the entire request and therefore the rule does not need to run multiple times or even loop? For example, the decision is based on request type or whether it contains risks.



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