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How to find data source was migrated or not.


I thought to explain how to find data source was migrated to 7.x or not. we have two options.

1. Directly at RSA1–>Data source,symbol at Data source,

2. By using Tables.

At RSA1 –> Data source. Under respective application component

Here i am taking data source : 0FI_AA_12 .

One of my team member was replicated data source into bw side and asked me to continue to develop further data flow. i thought to create info package(because we are on 7.x). when i select data source–> right click, create info package, but i got message like below.


So my data source was in 3.x version. when our data source was at 3.x version, you will be see some symbol before the data source(as shown in red box). By seeing that symbol we can say data source was not migrated. Here DS: 0FI_AA_001 3.x version. DS: 0FI_AA_11(at 7.x)


From above screen my data source 0FI_AA_12 (3.X).

Now i am migrating using normal steps which already explained.

data source–> right click migrate or use Tx – RSDS, enter the data source, from menu bar data source –> Migrate 3.x data source to –> data source. click on it


we will get below screen, Here we will go With Export:


Once it completed the migration, we will get status bar message like below.


Now see the symbol for mentioned data source(0FI_AA_12) at RSA1–> Data source. Once data source was migrated there won’t be any symbol(red mark) before the data source description(0FI_AA_12).


At RSA1–> Data source, by seeing the symbol we can say data source was migrated or not.

3.X data source with symbol

7.X data source without symbol

Using tables:

3.x Data source are stored at table RSOLTPSOURCE.

Here i am taking 3.x data source 0FI_AA_001. If we have multiple source systems then better choose Logsys(source system ID) selection also.


For 7.x Data sources are storing at Table RSDS. So if i enter the 3.x data source name(0FI_AA_001) at  this table i need to get zero entries.


So using two tables also we can find whether data source 3.x or 7.x.

Please  refer below thread about with export or W/o Export usage and How to revert back 3.x

Due to the existing 3.x data flow, we will use 3.x as well as 7.x flow. In that cases by seeing the same aymbol at transferrules we can cosnider that as its 3.x flow, it have transfer rules an update rules.

bleow screen shows my flow.

Data source–> DSO1—> DSO2—>info cube –> multi provider

Here upto dso2 my flow is 3.x and dso2 –> cube is 7.x.

See the same blue mark for transfer rules. By seeing that symbol we can consider its in 3.x and rest is 7.x(mean no blue mark)


Thank you

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