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Cross entity derivations using BAdI usmd_rule_service_cross_et

The document explains how to derive values on Web UI based on certain screen fields.

We can use the BAdI for deriving cross entities, ir usmd_rule_service_cross_et. Here I am deriving the EAN number with respect to the unit of measure.

1. In SE18 enter the BAdi name and display it.


2.Right click and create BAdI implemenmtation

3. Enter enhancement class
4.Now you will be able to see the implementation, and edit the implementation

5.We have to use Field symbols for this and along with data declaration, declare the fs part too.


6.We are using cl_usmd_app_context for getting the crequest id


7.Now call the method io_changed_data


8. Now we have to assign the values into the declared field symbols

9. Assign the values of EAN with respect to the UOM


10. Now call the method io_model->create_data_reference


11.Write data to change buffer and pass the new values to io_write_data->write_data


12. The EAN values , derived will be populated on UI screen.

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  • Hi Nivedita,

    Is it possible to add all the code in an attachment because half of the code is not available and stripped when the thread is displayed. I have also tried to open it in PDF but I am having the same problem



  • Dear Technical minds,

    is it possible to derive child(type 4)  of  its parent type 1 entity based on change of another type 1 entity  ?

    we have one custom entity which is child of MATERIAL. now we want to derive something in this custom entity bases on change of DRADBASIC(annother type 1 entity )

  • Hii,

    Actually I want to move data from list UIBB to form UIBB on next page. both UIBBs are of different entity but type 4 and having different fields, it going to dump because of field names are not matching. So, is it possible to do with the help of this BADI??

    could you help me in this?