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As you probably know, SAP Community Network was launched as the SAP Developer Network, back in 2003 with a tremendous team of leaders at SAP. These leaders envisioned the power of providing a place for our community to engage, collaborate and share best practices.

To celebrate 10 Years of SCN, we’d like to invite you to tell us your story so that you can be a part of SCN history. As Chip Rodgers mentioned in his blog post, we want to hear your story and see how SCN has helped you in your career. Post a blog in the About SCN space with a story or share a video about what SCN means to you or tell us about some of your favorite memories through the years. Submissions will earn you an “SCN is 10 Badge”, 5 points in additional to the 10 points for blogging and a chance to win the competition. Winners will be announced at SAP TechEd!

Here are a few guidelines to structure you blog:

  1. Post your blog in About SCN
  2. Please use the hashtag #SCNis10 in the title
  3. Once published, please place the link to your blog in the comment section of this moderated document to earn your points and badge
  4. Please note, the badge and point upload is a manual process. It could take up to 5 business days to receive your points and badge.
  5. The competition will remain open until October 7th and the winners will be announced at SAP TechEd!
  6. Submissions will be accepted after October 7th; however they will not be eligible for the competition.

As a great example, be sure to check out Tammy Powlas’ SCN and Me blog submission here!

Also, if you have not voted for the “Real Founder of SCN” yet, watch the nominee’s videos and vote for the person you think deserves the title. Voting will earn you an extra point and an “SCN is 10” badge! Be sure to vote before the October 11th deadline.

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  1. Former Member

    SCN support has asked me to post my inquiry here, so this is per their instruction:

    Is it my browser/ network or is there a problem with the content at the link below?

    I have taken the link three times; the progress meter gives the impression that the page is loading, but after a long wait it says “Done!” but all I have is a blank screen.



    Please advise, as I really wanted to read this post.



      1. Former Member

        Eduardo and Krysten,

        That was a good suggestion, but actually after submitting that request to SCN support, I did try directly in SCN, not using the link in the email, and just now I tried it again with the link in Eduardo’s comment. It still fails for me, leaving me with a completely blank web page, which leads me to suspect the browser I am required to use on my corporate laptop (IE8).

        I will try again from home tonight.

        Thank you both!


          1. Former Member


            Yes, I am afraid it is, because I did not have any problems viewing it at home using Firefox. But that is too bad, as during the work day, a lot of us are restricted to the standard browsers authorized on our corporate networks.

            Thanks again for your help!



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