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Report ZSCWN_NOTES_UPLOAD – Load multiple notes files into SNOTE

I work a lot with Security Notes and the application System Recommendations, and of course the Note Assistent.

Sometimes it’s difficult to download notes directly from SAPnet into SNOTE, e.g. like for the security notes 1826162 from July 2013 (which in  addition requires another large note 1674132 as a prerequisite, too). Adding notes to the download basket and downloading them via the internet browser works sometimes better. However, it’s a little bit lazy to upload such files one by one using SNOTE. Therefore I’ve created an extended version of the note uploader, report ZSCWN_NOTES_UPLOAD, which offers to upload many files in a row.


  1. Show the note on SMP, e.g. 1826162
  2. Use the button “Download Corrections”. You get a new window showing a log.
  3. Repeat 1. and 2. for more notes, e.g. note 1826162 requires other note 1674132
  4. Use the button “Download Basket” on the log window to show your basket
  5. Click on every link for the selected notes to download the file via the internet browser (You could try to use the SAP Download Manager, however, this might not work as it uses the same interface like SNOTE.)
  6. Un-zip the archive files which you have downloaded
  7. In transaction SNOTE use the menu path Goto->Upload note to load the note(s) one by one … or use this report ZSCWN_NOTES_UPLOAD
  8. Implement the note as usual

Another advantage is, that you can use the same files for uploading notes into several development systems.

ABAP Source Code

You find the source code on the corresponding wiki page.

ABAP source code:

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