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This document covers the necessary steps for getting IDoc acknowledgments in the form of ALEAUD IDoc. The configuration needed for IDoc_AAE adapter when working with Java stack (Integrated Configuration) is quite different from the configuration mentioned in the guide: FOR classical configuration. I will not go into details of types of acknowledgments & IDoc status codes. My objective is only to provide the steps required for getting acknowledgments when working on IDoc_AAE adapter & ICO. The configuration to be done consists of the following steps:

1. Configuration of IDoc sender channel:

In the IDoc sender channel, we need to provide the acknowledgment destination as an RFC destination which points from PI to ECC.


Since this RFC destination (or acknowledgment destination) will be used to route the ALEAUD IDoc from PI to the ECC, the direction of this RFC destination should be from PI to ECC.

In the tab ‘Ack Settings’, we need to select the acknowledgment parameters:


If the target system is a non ECC system, we may get only System acknowledgments. If the target system is an ECC system, we can get System acknowledgments as well as Application acknowledgments & we can select all the five options above, although the target ECC system will have to run the program ‘RBDSTAT’ to send the application acknowledgments.

2. Persistence parameter in NWA: The persistence parameter is to be set as ‘true’ in NWA in order to receive IDoc acknowledgments. The path of this parameter is NWA-> Configuration-> Infrastructure->Application Resource->Java IDoc Adapter->Properties:


3. ALEAUD Partner Profile: This is the last step of the configuration needed to get IDoc acknowledgments. The partner profile is to be maintained in ECC with the corresponding partner in inbound parameters:


  1. Since there is no ABAP stack, the reports such as ‘ALE_REQUEST’ or ‘IDX_NOALE’ are no longer required.
  2. The partner profile configuration & RBDSTAT program from receiver system for sending application acknowledgments are to be done in the same way as was done with ABAP stack.
  3. Since we cannot block acknowledgments according to IDoc message types by maintaining table ‘IDX_NOALE’, the option of getting or not getting IDoc acknowledgment will be decided based on the configuration of IDoc sender channel only.

Additional Configuration for SOAP adapter: Since PI 7.3, when we have a SOAP adapter at the receiver end, we need to add ‘XMBWS.GenerateSysAck = true’ as a module parameter to the default SOAP adapter module, XISOAPAdapterBean as shown below:


This parameter is necessary for SOAP adapter in order to generate system acknowledgments. This parameter is also required when we have XI 3.0 as Message Protocol in the receiver SOAP adapter(Proxy for advanced adapter engine).






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    • Hi - Can you explain more about the System Acknowledgements.

      If the target system is a non ECC system, we may get only System acknowledgments. If the target system is an ECC system, we can get System acknowledgments as well as Application acknowledgments

      what do you mean the target system here ? if there is any failure do we still get the System Ack Error messages ? Can you please explain these things here..



      • Hi Rajesh,

        For this, you may refer to the  document, which was meant for classical configuration involving ABAP stack. Here I did not explain the acknowledgment types in order to avoid repetition.

  • Hi Adarsh,

    I need your help please.

    I am working with 7.31 version and I have done all the configurations you mentioned in your post for IDoc to SOAP scenario. I am just starting, currently my receiver SOAP channel does not reach the target system tiggering a connection error. So I was expecting to receive in my source system an ALEAUD message with its corresponding acknowledgement system error ack.

    I have activated the ack parameters and set the RFC destination in my IDoc sender channel, set up to true the persistence parameter in the NWA and configurated the partner profile with the inboud ALEAUD message. Also I have activated XMBWS.GenerateSysAck = true’ in my receiver channel. Still when I receive the IDoc message in PI nothing is triggered back and I do not see any error either telling me that the ackowlegment could not be generated or something.

    Could you give me any inputs?

    Thanks and regards.

  • Hi Adarsh,

    Not sure about 'RDBSTAT' program in ECC. I tried to look for it in SE38 but couldn't find the program. Though I found 'RDBSTATE' (send audit confirmation). Can you confirm it it's the right one? Thanks.