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How to resolve “error in running BEx report – BIA/BWA Index is corrupted”

Are you facing error while running your BEx report saying “BWA index corrupted”(displayed in image below).


Steps to check & resolve the Issue:-

1. Check your reporting cube is in BWA Server.

2. If yes, Right Click the cube -> select “maintain BWA Index” or can be accessed through the T-Code “RSDDB”. You wil get the screen lik below,


3. Give your Infocube name for which you want to check for the BWA Index status and press “Display”. you will reach the below screen,


4. Now, check for the status for the cube and then press “log” -> goto “Inital filling” -> check the history logs — to confirm “Initial fill for the cube is success(No “Yellow” status in log).

5. If Initial fill is success, then check the “log” -> goto “rollup request” -> check the history logs — to ensure the rollup for the cube is running fine.


Give the date range two weeks (dependents upon how frequently you are running rollup for your cube)


If you get the status as showed in below snapshot, then your cube’s index is corrupted.


How to fix:-

1. Remove the cube from BIA / BWA and rebuild it.

Note: While deleting the Cube from BIA “Do not delete Master data associated to the cube”(Removing master data will cause rebuilding master data index again which will basically takes more time).

How to test/ensure BIA is causing the problem :-

1. run the same query using RSRT t-code and select “without BIA”.  If your query runs fine then, the above mentioned was the cause for your issue.

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