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HANA Reference for Developers – Links and SAP Notes(Part-1) – Updated 04.12.2013

Hi Everyone,

We all have read awesome blogs from Andy Silvey–  The SAP Hana Reference for NetWeaver Basis Administrators and Bill RamosThe ultimate set of HANA related links from SAP. These blogs are very helpful to everyone of us.

What i observed from these blogs was “As Andy’s blog title said its mainly for Basis Administrators and has very huge list of SAP Notes – some of these Notes are useful even for HANA Developers but these notes are very hard to find while Bill’s blog had huge list of links that has been categorized very well but it has not been updated in a while due to which few topics are missing lot of information and many new topics are not present there.”

While working with HANA and its new functionalities, i had to look for information and it used to take a lot of time to get the correct information, so i tried to create a list of SAP Notes and a list of links to the documents that i have followed and want to follow so that i don’t have to go through the pain of searching this information again.

The above two blogs helped me a lot in getting this blog ready – got few SAP Notes and links from these, so i am very thankful to both Andy and Bill for their efforts.

I hope this blog will be helpful to everyone.

Last time I also wrote a blog Want to learn SAP HANA?Where to Start?Certification? but was not fully satisfied with it and thought something was missing, tried  editing it but it would have made the blog too long.

So I thought of creating a new blog and adding everything in one blog but this blog became very long so i have decided to divide it into two parts.

This part of blog covers all the topics related to HANA.

Second part covers advanced topics related to HANA – HANA Reference for Developers – Links and SAP Notes(Part-2)

Deleted all obsolete SAPHANA website links and added new ones

HANA SPS8 Guides and videos are now available:

Check the below document to know What’s New in HANA with links to many other documents and videos on new features:

Blog: What’s New in SAP HANA SPS 08 | SAP HANA

Before starting the blog I would like to post links from where we can download Study Materials for HANA:

Download all the HANA Guides updated to SPS7

Technical Documents – SAP HANA – This contains all the documents related to Architecture, Modeling, Data Provisioning and XS.

OpenSAP HANA Learning Materials

In-Memory Data Management Course – starting from August 26


SAP HANA Videos:

Contents of this blog:

  1. Introduction to HANA
  2. HANA Studio – Look and Feel
  3. HANA Architecture
    • Backup & Recovery
  4. HANA Administration
    • HANA Performance
  5. Data Provisioning
    • Flat File
    • SLT
    • Data Services
    • DXC
  6. Modeling
  7. Reporting
    • Using Excel
    • Using Business Objects
    • Using Lumira
  8. Security and Authorization
  9. HANA Native Development
  10. New Features in HANA SPS6
    • HANA Lifecycle Management
    • Spatial Processing
    • Smart Data Access
  11. Big Data and Hadoop
  12. HANA On Cloud
    • HANA One
    • HANA One Premium
    • HANA Enterprise Cloud
  13. RDS
    • Information on RDS
    • COPA Accelerator
    • Finance and Controlling Accelerator
    • Operational Reporting
    • Rapid Marts
    • Supply Chain RDS
    • SAP Analytics RDS
    • SAP HANA Sentimental Intelligence RDS
  14. BW on HANA
    • Introduction
    • Migration
    • Modeling
    • Reporting
    • Other Aspects
    • Customer Testimonials
  15. ABAP on HANA
  16. Business Suite on HANA
  17. SCM on HANA
  18. CRM on HANA

1. Introduction to HANA

What is SAP HANA?

Whitepaper – Technical Overview SAP HANA

SAP HANA™ for Next-Generation Business Applications and Real-Time Analytics

SAP HANA Data Sheet

OLAP & OLTP in a single database – SAP Real Time Data Platform

Efficient Transaction Processing in SAP HANA Database

The Real Reason for HANA

The HANA Difference – SAP HANA’s Defining Capabilities

The Top 10 SAP HANA Myths Spread by Other Vendors

Product Road Map – SAP HANA

SAP HANA Hardware Specifications & Product Availability Matrix (PAM)

Solution Brief – SAP HANA – An In-Memory Data Platform for Real-Time Business

How do I get started with HANA

System Ordering – SAP HANA

SAP HANA Do’s and Don’ts

HANA Use Cases:

Customer & Startups Stories on SAP HANA

2. HANA Studio – Look and Feel

Overview – SAP HANA Studio

SAP HANA Database – Studio Installation and Update Guide

Installing Hana Studio and Client

Download hana studio and client

How to add system in Hana Studio

3. HANA Architecture

Architecture – SAP HANA

HANA Architecture Bluebook

Massively Parallel Processing on HANA

Introduction to High Availability for SAP HANA

SAP HANA – High-Availability Features – Webinar Replay

  • Backup & Recovery:

Backup and Recovery – SAP HANA

SAP Notes related to Backup and Recovery:

1844468 – Homogeneous system copy on SAP HANA

1703435 – Creating a copy of a running instance using snapshots

1642148 – FAQ: SAP HANA Database Backup & Recovery

1852242 – Confusion about file-based backup catalog naming

1880503 – SAP HANA studio compatibility error for recovery

1835075 – Analyze backup and recovery performance issues

1820553 – Incompatibility of data backup and DB configuration

1820529 – Unsuitable network file systems for backup and recovery

1781540 – Recovery of SAP HANA database through the Admin Console does not work

1817703 – Archiving file system-based backups

1730932 – Using backup tools with Backint for HANA

Backup/recovery API for the SAP HANA database (Backint for SAP HANA (HANA-BRINT 1.1))

“Backint for SAP HANA” Certification Available Now

1730928 – Using external software in a HANA appliance

1716418 – Data backup hangs when writing to NFS server

1705945 – Determining required restoration files

1842096 – HANA Backup & Restore Performance

1651055 – Scheduling SAP HANA Database Backups in Linux

1812057 – Reconstruction of the backup catalog with hdbbackupdiag

1816483 – Restore when log backups are missing

4. HANA Administration

SAP HANA Administration Guide

SAP HANA – Administration & Monitoring – What´s new with SPS6

Overall Installation Guide – SAP HANA 1.0

Server Installation and Update Guide – SAP In-Memory Database

Manual Update Guide – SAP HANA 1.0

Update & Patching – SAP HANA

Readiness Guide – SAP HANA

Introduction – SAP HANA in Data Centers

Scalability – SAP HANA

Upgrading SAP HANA with SUM for HANA – Webinar Replay

  • HANA Performance

Whitepaper – SAP HANA Performance

SAP HANA Memory Usage Explained

For real: Performance of the same SQL comparing Hana and another RDBMS

Performance Test Report – SAP HANA

Performance in SAP HANA Databases – Webinar Presentation

Performance in SAP HANA Databases – Webinar Replay

Testing HANA

Show me the timelines, baby!:

SAP Notes related to HANA Administration

1514967 – SAP HANA: Central Note

1698281 – Assess the memory consumption of a SAP HANA System

1768949 – HANA Overall Health Statistics

1787489 – SAP HANA Database: Performance Trace

1786918 – SAP HANA Database: Provide Information with hdbcons

1800175 – Performance Improvement with hybrid database

1749467 – Copying SAP HANA From a Multiple- to a Single-Host System

1789828 – HANA Studio Activation errors

1800631 – SAP HANA: Limitations for HANA-based Analytics

1809199 – SAP HANA DB: Debugging user authorization errors

1786384 – Missing secondary indexes for HANA DB

1840954 – Alerts related to HANA memory consumption

1849775 – SAP HANA XS ENGINE poor database access performance

1835200 – Stand-by Statistics Server and XS Engine do not start when Master server goes down

1780484 – HANA upgrade fails with ‘ERR: Cannot open install registry’

1803291 – SAP HANA update guides

1894285 – SAP HANA appliance: Revision 62 of SAP HANA database

1891354 – SAP HANA DB: Duplicate entries in column store table

1877480 – Incorrect CODE_SIZE

1848976 – SAP HANA Platform SPS 06 Release Note

1779803 – Current Restrictions: XS / Development Perspective

1514966 – SAP HANA 1.0: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database

1545815 – SAP Release Note for SUM for SAP HANA 1.0

1867324 – SAP HANA Database: Deactivating the Script Server

1603671 – SAP HANA 1.0: Software Components and Software Download

1592925 – SAP HANA Studio service connection

1627904 – SAP HANA Information Composer: Central Note

1641210 – SAP HANA datebase: Checking for suspected problems

1598623 – SAP HANA appliance software: Central Security Note

1870605 – Privilege escalation in SAP HANA

1837331 – HOWTO HANA DB SSO Kerberos/ Active Directory

1813724 – HANA SSO/Kerberos: create keytab and validate conf

1767687 – HANA issues with Kerberos SSO, error while parsing protocol

1666976 – uniqueChecker usage description – The uniqueChecker is used to do a consistency check on column store database tables. It can identify problems related to primary keys and unique constraints.

5. Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning – SAP HANA

Data Provisioning Options – Introduction and news

Best Practices for SAP HANA Data Loads

Semantic Analysis with SAP HANA

Case Study how to collect Social Media Data with SAP HANA

Unstructured Data

SAP Notes related to Data Replication

1772131 – Data Replication into HANA: improvements

1791620 – Data Replication into SAP HANA: usability corrections

1797074 – HANA Replication: Incorrect check of navigation attributes

1771582 – Lock issues in data replication

  • Flat File

Loading data from flat file into SAP HANA

Importing a Flat File into SAP HANA

Loading data from CSV file

Modeler Unplugged Episode 4: Flat file upload via HANA Modeler

  • SLT

Overview Presentation – SAP LT Replication Server for SAP HANA


SLT & Excel


Starter Blog  for SAP LT Replication Server

SLT for non-SAP – Considerations

How SLT is mapping data types

SLT Community

SAP Notes related to SLT:

List of all SLT Notes

1605140 – SAP HANA 1.0: Central Note – SAP LT Replication Server

1882433 – Installation/Upgrade SLT – DMIS 2011 SP5

1603754 – Correction for SLT Replicator for HANA 1.0

1652039 – Archiving: Replicating archived data in SAP HANA

1880224 – Replication of archived data: TABLE_INVALID_INDEX

1663138 – HANA data replication fails due to incorrect DB triggers

1645517 – HANA Replication: Trigger creation fails, if  triggers exist

1646371 – HANA replication fails for sender systems with release 4.6C

1733714 – Guide for HANA Advanced Replication Settings

1769956 – HANA LTR: Avoid locks in DB2 during data replication

1768103 – HANA LTR: NON SAP – Timestamp mapping and SYBASE replication

1749824 – Treatment of SLT triggers during transpor

1778880 – SAP LT Replication Server: Using DB6 as non-SAP source

1768805 – SAP LT Replication Server: Collective Note – non-SAP Sources

1801462 – ‘Errors in setting connections’ when saving an SLT configuration

1800901 – SLT: 500 Connection timed out after logging into WebDynpro via transaction LTR

1771460 – SAP LT Replication Server: Using ORACLE as non-SAP source – checkout attached pdf

1778971 – SAP LT Replication Server: Using MS SQL as non-SAP source – checkout attached pdf

1778975 – SAP LT Replication Server: Using DB2 as non-SAP source – checkout attached pdf

1778880 – SAP LT Replication Server: Using DB6 as non-SAP source – checkout attached pdf

1828028 – Creating a new configuration in transaction LTR fails with ‘Error ocurred on when opening db connection’

1818180 – Unable to find certain tables in the Data Provisioning tool

1837877 – Tables are not getting replicated from SLT server to HANA

1791921 – Conversion of pool tables to transp.during migr. to SAP HANA

  • Data Services

Installation Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Data Services XI 4.0

How To load SAP Business Suite data into SAP HANA using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

How to invoke SAP HANA stored procedures from Data Services

SAP HANA: Data provisioning using BI 4.0 Data services

Optimizing HANA with Data Services and Information Steward

Data Services 4.2 What’s New Overview

HOWTO – Create a SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Repository on SAP HANA

SAP Notes related to Data Services

1792597 – Is SAP HANA available as a database repository for SAP Data Services 4.0

1811961 – Connection to HANA test failed in Data Services Workbench

1817513 – SAP Business Objects Data Services crashes without error when HANA Data Store is accessed

  • DXC

SAP HANA-Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)-Overview

Using the Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

SAP Notes related to DXC:

1583403 – Direct extractor connection to SAP HANA

1670518 – SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection

1688750 – DataSource: Reading a property in the source system

1701750 – DataSource: Secondary Index on the PSA

1677278 – DataSource: Changing the Key Definition

1710236 – SAP HANA DXC: DataSource Restrictions

1714852 – Troubleshooting SAP HANA DXC issues

1665602 – Setup & Config: SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

1583403 – Direct extractor connection to SAP HANA

1665553 – Handling issues with IMDSO activation – SAP HANA DXC

1714933 – DXC: partitioning In-Memory DSO tables

6. Modeling

SAP HANA Modeling

Modeling Basics

Modeling Fundamentals

Modeling Features – SAP HANA

SAP HANA Modeling Guide

Analytic Views – What they are and how are they used?

Implementing Calculation Views – SAP HANA Modeling

SAP HANA – Modeling Content Migration–modeling-content-migration–part-1-preparations-security-requirements-export–modeling-content-migration–part-2-import-post-migration-activities

Calc Enginer Introduction

HANA Calculation Engine Instantiation Process

Cardinality Optimization of join by CalcEngine

Implementing Calculation Views – SAP HANA Modeling

Building Advanced Data Models with SAP HANA – Webinar Presentation

Best Practices for optimal data models in SAP HANA and analytics in SAP BusinessObjects 4.0

Best Modeling practices:


SAP Notes related to Modeling:

1718854 – SAP HANA Modeler: Error when opening Analytic privilege

1791464 – Select count(*) on graphical Calculation Views

1764658 – HANA Calculation Engine Instantiation Process

1811804 – Deadlock caused by Queries on Olap Views

1825549 – Performance degradation for query on CalcView

1840663 – Workaround for Cardinality Optimization of CalcEngine

1765642 – SAP HANA Modeler – Activating Objects

1710712 – How to export and import Hana Models for support purposes

1639568 – SAP HANA studio displays system status as yellow

1822186 – Cannot use “SELECT DISTINCT” in an attribute view

1876879 – Calculated Attribute of Calculaton View missing (rev 60)

1852300 – SAP HANA: Filters on SQL CalcViews are not being pushed down

1648962 – SAP HANA: Prerequisites for Data Modeling

1739779 – Activation of procedures might fail

1753944 – Revalidation of procedures/views using R script

7. Reporting

  • Using Excel

Connecting to SAP HANA with Microsoft Excel 2007 PivotTables and ODBO

Learn Excel Functions:

  • Using Business Objects

Official Product Tutorials – BI for SAP HANA:

Best Practices – Creating a universe on SAP HANA

Best Practices – Creating a universe on SAP HANA

How to Realize Cross System Reporting  Using SAP HANA Live Content

Setting up end to end security for SAP HANA and BI4.0

What’s New Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office 1.3 SP6

What’s New Guide – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.1

FAQ for IT – SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

Official Product Tutorials – SAP BI Suite

Connecting SAP BusinessObjects BI4.0 client tools on SAP HANA

SAP Notes related to Business Objects:

245178 – krb5.ini rules of configuration with Business Objects java AD

1811398 – How to setup BI components to login to hana via AD kerberos SSO

1779252 – How do you resolve BI 4.0 Analysis for OLAP error message “Failed to get connections for connection […] using session locale [English]” connecting to SAP HANA?

1714374 – The JDBC connection from Crystal Reports to SAP HANA database is timed out

1714328 – The JDBC connection from Crystal Reports to SAP HANA database is refused

1714320 – The JDBC connection from Crystal Reports to SAP HANA database cannot be made successfully

  • Using SAP Lumira(Formerly Visual Intelligence)

SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira Cloud FAQ

Ofiicial Product Tutorials: SAP Lumira :

SAP Notes related to Lumira

1823771 – SAP Visual Intelligence – Unable to connect to HANA due to insufficient rights

1798899 – SAP Visual Intelligence: Are HANA Variables or Input Parameters supported?

8. Security & Authorization

SAP HANA Security: An Overview

SAP HANA Security Overview

SAP HANA Security Guide

SAP HANA – Security Concept and Data Architecture–security-concept-and-data-architecture-part-1–security-concept-and-data-architecture-part-2

9. HANA Native Development

Introducing SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS)

XS engine – SAP HANA native development

HANA Native Development

SAP HANA Extended Application Services

10. New Features in HANA SPS6

What’s New in HANA SPS6

New in SPS6:

New SQLScript Features in SAP HANA 1.0 SP6

SAP HANA SPS6 – Various New Developer Features–various-new-developer-features

Core Data Services

Preview the SAP HANA IDE Lite on SAP HANA One

  • HANA Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management – Introduction

How to upgrade to SAP HANA Lifecycle Management

SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager – how to launch, start and install.–how-to-launch-start-and-install

SAP Notes related to HLM

1836498 – SAP HANA Lifecycle Manager

  • Spatial Processing

Spatial Processing powered by SAP HANA

Spatial Processing with HANA FAQ

Spatial Processing

SAP Notes related to Spatial Processing

1872108 – Current Restrictions:SAP HANA Spatial processing

  • Smart Data Access

SAP HANA smart data access enables remote data to be accessed as if they are local tables in SAP HANA, without copying the data into SAP HANA.

Smart Data Access (Data Virtualization) with SAP HANA

HANA Curious – SPS 06 Deployment: Smart Data Access, XS Workbench and more–sps-06-deployment-smart-data-access-xs-workbench-and-more

SAP Notes related to Smart Data Access

1868209 – SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Central Note

1868702 – SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Remote Datasource Drivers

1879294 – SAP HANA smart data access SP1

1872652 – SAP HANA Smart Data Access: Statistics for Virtual Tables

SAP River:

Introducing RDL – The River Definition Language:

Introducing SAP River!!:

A first look at “River”:

SAP River Tutorials:



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