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What’s new in Process Orchestration 7.31 SP08/7.4 SP03

Find out what is new in the latest versions of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration in this video:
Note: This is a lean “DIY” production, not an official marketing video 🙂

Feature-wise, SP8 of SAP NetWeaver 7.31 is equivalent to SP3 of SAP NetWeaver 7.4. See below for a full list of changes and enhancements related to SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration scenarios in both versions.

Enhancements to Conditional Start scenarios

The Conditional Start feature in SAP NetWeaver BPM is available as of SP6 of SAP NetWeaver 7.31. Read more about conditional start with SAP NetWeaver BPM in this blog series: Boost your Correlation Scenarios with Conditional Start in BPM. With SP8 we have removed some restrictions and added some more checks to help minimize issues:
  • Shared trigger scenarios
    Before this SP8, triggers could not be used with conditional start scenarios. As of SP8 it is possible to share the same message trigger between conditional start and non-conditional start processes.
  • Additional check for shared trigger restriction in conditional start scenarios and descriptive error messages when activation of a conditional start process definition fails due to shared triggers
    A message trigger cannot be shared between several active conditional start process definitions. During deployment, the system automatically checks whether there is already an active conditional start process definition that uses the same message trigger. If so, the activation of the new conditional start process definition is prohibited. A message is displayed explaining why the activation is not allowed.
  • New method in BPM public API for checking whether process definition uses conditional start
    A developer can use the BPM public API to check whether a process definition is a conditional start process definition. This check prevents the developer from unnecessarily invoking the startProcess method.
  • Process initiator info for conditional start leftover handling
    If a message must be resent, the original process initiator is still displayed to the administrator, rather than the BPM service user (system user).

Read more in SAP documentation: Conditional Start enhancements.

Enhanced error messages on accessing tasks

Error messages now highlight if a task has been already 1) claimed, 2) completed or 3) cancelled along with the task instance ID. This makes is easier for the users to understand the status of the task at hand and also makes it easier for BPM administrators to identify and solve issues when needed.
Also check SAP documentation: Appropriate information about task status.

Monitoring enhancements

  • Attachments and notes are now visible in SAP NetWeaver Administrator
If the user is not the task owner, she/he must be either process admin/task owner or have SAP_BPM_CTX_SUPER_ADMIN action

Read more in SAP documentation: Attachments and notes.

  • Adding Administrators to a running process instance is now enabled

You could now add user, group of role. This is especially important for long-running processes where new users and roles have to be added as the process runs.

Prerequisite: to add new users, the process instance must be in suspended and then resumed again.

Restrictions: adding new user, group of role has to be made in the process composer in the design time and then a new version should be deployed. After that, the newly added user/s will be able to see the instances only for newly created instances. Removing users or roles from a process is currently not enabled.

Also check SAP documentation: Adding Administrators to process instances.

BPM Inbox

  • Displaying Task Initiators
    • Task Initiator can be defined in SAP NetWeaver BPM Developer Studio via input mapping for human activity
    • Process initiator is now available as process instance attribute in context, and can be used for mapping
    • For rework steps, initiator could be the actual owner of the approval step
The Task Initiator can be seen in the stream view. With a future SP it is planned to enable the replacement of the avatar image with a photo chosen by the user. The Task Initiator information is also available via the SAP NetWeaver BPM Public API in case you would like to build your custom inbox.

Read more in SAP documentation: Task Initiator and Process Initiator.

  • Users can now forward tasks to other users

– Task must be reserved (claimed) first to activate the Forward button
– Target user must have BPEM_END_USER role

More about the procedure in SAP documentation under Forwarding tasks.

Enhancements on upgrade paths and support for SAP HANA

  • Upgrading from AEX to Process Orchestration
More flexible upgrade paths are being offered. Customers who already have AEX, but would like to get avail or full Process Orchestration capabilities adding BPM and BRM can now do so without the need to perform a fresh installation. The technical check in the Installation Tool (in the maintenance optimizer) has been removed and customers can add the usage type BPM to the AEX installation and start running Process Orchestration scenarios.

  • Additional usage types supported for Process Orchestration systems
Upgrade for existing BPM customers from SAP NetWeaver CE/ BPM to a Process Orchestration system (+AEX/PI) is now also supported if any of the following usage types are present:
    • Adobe Document Services (ADS)
    • Development Infrastructure (DI)
    • Guided Procedures (GP) – compatibility usage type only
Restrictions for customers coming from PI/ AEX side will be removed with a future SP and you will be able to add these 3 usage types to an existing AEX or Process Orchestration system. The aim is to enable maximum flexibility for our existing customers by offering different deployment options.

  • Extended PAM for SAP NetWeaver 7.40 enabling SAP NetWeaver BPM installation on SAP HANA
For more details read the SAP NetWeaver 7.40 PAM.

Additional information

We welcome you to review the road maps of both SAP NetWeaver PI (last update Q2 / 2103) and BPM (last updated Q3 / 2013) which are available on SAP Service Marketplace > Product and solution road maps > Database & Technology.

You can also access road map sessions replays: SAP NetWeaver BPM and SAP NetWeaver PI.

If you have missed it, here is how you can access the Webcast replay: Roadmap of Process Orchestration with SAP.

Also check the Q&A from the Process Orchestration Webcast Series that SAP delivered in June. In this blog you will find a handful of answers to many important questions for all customers running or who consider running BPM, PI and Orchestration scenarios. Also check the related blogs. Replays of all 5 webcasts will be available until the end of 2013 to all registrants.

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