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WE19 – Replicating the IDOCs for analysis

This document deals with replicating the same inbound IDOC data which we want in Quality/Developement to debug or analyse in order to fix the issue with IDOC.

It is never a suggested way to follow ,However during my past experience with projects -it came handy when we were unable to get a proper test data in non production system. It is hard but SAP does have alternate ways which we need to explore.I have seen this idea been shared in some of the discussions but it was never in a detail way and was confusing.Hope this document helps .

1.First step is to identify the IDOC which needs to be replicated in non prod system.WE02 will give us a list of IDOCS which can be used to figure out the IDOC in question.

2.Once the IDOC is identified :Go to TCODE – WE19 which is used for testing Inbound idocs.Put the IDOC number from WE02 and ENTER .

    Edit the control record and delete all sender/receiver data ( Port ,partner no, etc).It will help us to avoid reprocessing of production data.

   Test flag checked. Press enter once done.


3.Now we need to move the IDOC as file which can be done using button “INBOUND FILE” in WE19.Provide the application file server path -Where we need

   to save the idoc data.Most important – Uncheck the check box  “Start IDoc inbound processing of file immediately”.and press enter to save the file .


4.We can copy the file using AL11,CG3Y and CG3Z.Please ensure that you have proper access for copying the file.Else it will throw error.We can use any other alternative way as well to copy the file,

5.We need to create a new file port in non production system using WE21.Create a file port TEST and uncheck the ‘Unicode FORMAT”.Select the FM and



6. WE16  is used replicating the IDOC from application SERVER path where it has been copied. Put the port as TEST .Press enter and it will show successful status message.You can confirm the IDOC is in non production system with the same DATA in WE02.


If we do have any alternative ways of replicating the IDOC without setting up a connection.This can be included in that .


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