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SAP HANA 1.0 SP 6 – Compileserver


in case you are running SP 6 (revision 60 or higher), you might have wondered what the new “compileserver” process is for (one per HANA instance).


The compileserver is needed with SAP HANA SP6 as compiling of L-Procedures has been thrown out of Indexserver.


Without compile server, HANA will not start any more. This is a feature. For customers this is irrelevant, as HANAs default parameters will make sure that it is started. If customers change these defaults, the system is no longer supported.

Marc Bernard

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  • Thanks Mr. Marc,

    Good to know about it. I also got confused when found the process running on Linux under compileserver name. May I know what L-procedures stands for ?

    If you allow, May I ask why Indexserver is called "index server" ? I mean other processes are having name to their actual task. Index server is rather not sticking to it. Please let me know.


    King Arthur