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An easy way to build views or workbooks for charts when you don’t have sufficient data in development system

Generally, the clients ask for many charts on WAD templates or workbooks. If you don’t have sufficient data to generate the graphics, it may get very difficult to build the required queries or views. I just wanted to share a simple trick which I have learnt from my colleague Fatih Cagiran .

Here are the steps to generate a query for a chart where you can foresee how it will be seen in the production environment:

  1. Create your query in query designer in development system.
  2. Transport your query to production.
  3. Open your query in query analyzer in production.
  4. Make the changes necessary for the chart.
  5. Here is the trick. On the menu bar click on disconnect.
  6. Click on connect, and connect to development system.
  7. Click on refresh button.
  8. The view you have got will be loaded with development data but now you have exactly what you need to show your chart.
  9. Click on Save button to save it as a workbook or view.
  10. Transport your workbook or view.

Hope it helps.


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