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Facing the issue that on finding out what query is in this transport happens quite often. Unfortunately it is not that straight
forward showing the technical name of the query within a transport request.

Find the technical name of the query

Analyzing RSZELTDIR table to quickly solve this.

Copy/Paste all query elements on the transport with Ctrl-Y and paste it in ELTUID of table RSZELTDIR.


Now add a filter on OBJVERS = A and DEFTP = REP.


The field MAPNAME now shows the technical name of the query.


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  1. Abdullah Qureshi

    Great piece of Information Martin..

    Also it shows many things in DEFTP(Definition type of an element), if we have other query elements of them also it will show.

    1. SOB Filters
    2. VAR Variable
    3. STR Structure
    4. SEL  Restricted KF
    5. CKF  Calculated KF
    6. FML  Formula


  2. Yugandher Yadav

    Very good article Martin.

    It would also ease the life of developer to address clients, if we have any table in which we get the Rows and Columns directly.


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