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PI.DOC – Successfactors BizX Integration using PI Java Mapping – Query Operation on CompoundEmployee Entity – Part I



PI Configuration Overview

Sender and Receiver logical business component representing source and Target System.

Image 16.jpg


The business component contains sender interfaces and sender connector.

Image 17.JPG


The business component contains receiver interfaces and receiver connector.

Image 18.JPG


SOAP Sender Communication channel – Getting data from source system.

Name : CC_SOAP_Sender_SOAPUISessionCreate_EOIO.

Image 19.JPG


File Receiver Communication channel – Store file on NFS / FTP System.

Name : CC_File_Test_LookUpData_Receive

Image 20.JPG


Integrated configuration Object :

Image 21.JPG

Image 22.JPG


Image 23.JPG


Image 24.JPG

Testing Scenario:


Sample Source XML.

Image 25.jpg

Message Mapping Test :-

Mapping Test :  1. Java Mapping – Source XML to Intermediate XML

Image 26.JPG  

Mapping Test : 2. Graphical Mapping – Intermediate XML to Target File Format

Image 27.jpg


Sender System Application: Publish your WSDL on Service Registry.


Log in to Service registory.

Find the published WSDL with interface name.

Choose appropriate HTTP Port

Click Test button.

Enter Username – Password.

Choose operation name.

Populate required entries in Request Structure text fields.

Hit Next


Image 28.jpg

Image 29.JPG


Image 30.jpg


Image 31.jpg


Image 32.JPG

Middleware – Message Monitoring :-

1.       Go to SAP PIMON

2.       Choose Message Monitoring

3.       Fill appropriate filter criteria to find the Message

Image 33.JPG


Image 34.jpg


Middleware – Communication channel Monitoring :-

1.       Go to SAP PIMON

2.       Choose Communication channel Monitoring


Image 35.jpg


Image 36.jpg

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  1. Former Member

    Great post! I’m looking forward to learn about SAP Process Orchestration and this example has given me a great initial overview of the components that interact in a PI sceneario.


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