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NWDI 7.31 Portal Logon Screen Modification

Applies To:

Users – Portal Developers and Consultants, NWDI / NWDS Developers
Version – SAP Netweaver Portal 7.31, Netweaver Developer Studio 7.31 SP7


This document explains in detail how to use NWDI for Portal developments using WAR files.


We upgraded our Portal from 7.0 to 7.31 which was a huge leap forward and there was so much things we need to consider while doing this upgrade. In 7.0 all Portal components used were all PAR files and now there are no PARS. You will have to migrate all these files. One of the challenges we had was modifying the standard Portal logon page. We had to go through numerous documents on how to modify the logon pages, how to modify the war files in NWDS using NWDI and how to package the war file into an ear and deploy to the server. All the pains gone through to make that a success is the reflection of this document.

Solution Implementation:

Now, lets jump on to what we are here for.

1. Open your NWDS and logon to NWDI. Navigate to the Development Configuration in which you would like to create this new development component.

2. Create a Web Module Development Component.

WebModule DC.png

3. Give the Web Module DC Details. Click finish. This will automatically create an activity in NWDS and attach all the files and folders to it respectively.

WebMod DC Details.png
4. It’s time to now import the standard logon file from the server that was downloaded. Right Click on the DC and import WAR File.

Import WAR.png

5. Select the War File Location and a new local Web project name where the contents will be uploaded.


6. In the above step the default jar files will be added to the lib folder in the local web project. Additional jar files that are required to be added to eliminate the errors in jsp’s can also be added.

7. Copy the Web Content Folder of local project and replace the web contents folder inside the NWDI DC.

8. Modify the JSP Files as required to customize your logon screen. Build the DC.

9. This DC is not directly deployable. You will need to package this into another DC of type Enterprise Application.

Ent App.png

10. Give the DC Details.

DC Details.png

11. Select the Web Module Project in the Next Screen so the WAR file is added to the deployment descriptor of the the new DC created for deployment.

Select Web Module Project.png

12. Modify the application-j2ee-engine.xml file in the DC as below. Provider name for the application is usually your client name.

The provider name defines your namespace where your applications reside on the AS Java.


13. Now, Right click on your DC and Java EE Tools > Generate Deployment Descriptor Stub. This will generate application.xml file.

14.The application.xml file will look like the below. By default the Context-Root will be referring to the Web Module DC you created but you can modify the Context-Root Name to a different one which will be used in the NWA Configuration for the logon page.


15. Build your DC and Deploy it to the server.

Hurray !!! Next Step is your nwa configuration where you need to give the context-root name that we used above and restart the server.

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      Author's profile photo Uday Kumar Kanike
      Uday Kumar Kanike

      Nice blog..! Many portal developers asked questions on this process.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Uday !!!

      Author's profile photo Maheshchandra VVNS
      Maheshchandra VVNS

      HI Nagarajan,

      Nice blog,  we are also in same version 7.31 SP7, and no nwdi in place, when i imported login war file to NWDS i got a "mobile" folder and all jsp files contains syntax errors, even in Web Inf Jsp pages i am getting some error. do you face/ get this Mobile folder issue in your implemenation?. plese suggest (added required 2 jar files(



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Mahesh,

      Yes. The Mobile Folder and its contents shows errors to me as well. I did not explore those because we did not need those implementations currently. Except the mobile folder I do not get any issues. Did you add the 2 jars (tc~sec~ume~logon~logic_api.jar, tc~sec~ume~logon~ui_core.jar) inside the WEB_INF --> Lib folder? Did you add those Jars to your project build path? Try to close the project and open. Sometimes a refresh would clear all the error it might regenerate.



      Author's profile photo Maheshchandra VVNS
      Maheshchandra VVNS

      HI Nagarajan,

      Yes, i added those two Jar files inside Web- inF and Bulid path, still i got the syntax error in every JSP file in Web INF . the error is in Java Script tags, either "Syntax error on Token } and you can delete this token" or "Syntax error, Insert } to complete Block Sttatement"

      you can help me in this thread on the same isssue:



      Author's profile photo Lars Hoffmann
      Lars Hoffmann

      Hi Nagarajan,

      could you please explain the step 11. a little bit more? When i create a new DC (Step 9) of type Enterprise Application, i do not get a next window like in step 11, where i could add the web module project to the new DC?!



      Author's profile photo Jürgen Utecht
      Jürgen Utecht

      Hi folks!

      The easiest way to change picture and text is to upload two files to your server to following directories:



      branding-text-new.gif  (325 x87)

      branding-image-new.jpg (290 x 360)

      Then change picture name in NWA like described above - that´s all!



      No deveplopment kit and no restart is needed!




      Author's profile photo Lakshmi Narayana Kodavati
      Lakshmi Narayana Kodavati

      Hi All,

      I create my Logon DC as per your suggestions and builded.

      But in deployments i am getting EAR files are deployed but warnings.

      Its looking for tag libraries

      Warning message

      Cannot parse jsp [/usr/sap/P0N/J20/j2ee/cluster/apps/]. Error is: [Cannot parse custom tag with short name [form].].

      Warning occurred on server 203474751 during startApp of : Cannot parse jsp

      i compared all files from local project to DC.

      Every things looks same.