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SAP Business Objects BI 4.0


Recently one of my colleagues asked me if there was a way we could manipulate value being used in the formula of a variable using input controls because similar thing can be accomplished using Tableau. My first thought to this is why do you want to use input control when you can achieve this by modifying the universe for which he said the users don’t have access to modify the universe and also cannot write their own queries .

Below is what was to be accomplished

Variable name : Threshold

Variable Definiton : =IF([Object] >=100000;Good Business) the user wanted to vary the value ‘100000’ and have a different definition of ‘Good Business’ with the help of input controls.

* For example currently Good Business implies any sales greater than or equal to 100000 but down the line as the business grew the user may say Good Business implies any sales greater than or equal to 200000

Universe used:


Using efashion universe select result objects [Store name], [Sales revenue] the data looks like below


Create the below variables

User Input : =0 ( Make sure the datatype is number )

Threshold : =IF([Sales revenue]>=User Input;”Good Business”)

Create the Input Control as below


When you enter a threshold value you that defines what good business mean it would look something like below where i am saying if revenue is greater than $ 3M then stores have done good business. I am actually filtering on the last column so it only shows me stores that fall in this category.


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  1. Former Member

    This is great. Do you have similar instructions for a Date variable? I’m having trouble defining a “blank” date variable similar to your “User Input” variable. Thanks!

  2. Former Member

    This Trick is not working for  SAP Business Objects BI 4.1.

    In Input Control When we select User Input Variable in Operator it is show only equal to

    I solved it using Reportfilter function


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