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Why document in IC role stays in edit mode after saving

In a document @ IC role, we change it to edit mode, make changes, e.g. in description, click on save, the change is saved but the document remains in edit mode and edit button remains grayed out.

This is because a special checking during save in following method prevent it from existing edit mode and thus keeps the document locked.


*keep interaction record in edit mode since it is required with or witho

*needed for 1-document scenario

    lr_profile      = cl_crm_ui_profile=>get_instance( ).

    lv_profile_type = lr_profile->get_profile_type( ).

    IF lr_profile->get_profile_type( ) EQ if_crm_uiu_channel_aspects=>gc

      lr_access->if_crm_uiu_channel_aspects~after_commit( ).


In case of an IC role system keeps the edit mode after save. This is standard behavior.

To release the lock you need to press the ‘end’ button.

You may refer to manual instructions in SAP Note 1457641 to change transactions to display mode after saving.

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