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Rapid Deployment Solutions Explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rapid Deployment solutions may seem like a complicated concept, but they are, in fact, the complete opposite. They are simplified, take less effort, and can save time and /wp-content/uploads/2013/08/1368743739979_260869.gifmoney. Honestly.

Keep reading (or check out the infographic for some quick information).

Let’s start with the basics.

What is meant by Rapid Deployment solutions? Rapid Deployment Solutions, or RDS, refers to software solutions focused on solving targeted business challenges through perfectly designed and carefully engineered packages. SAP has refined the RDS package offerings and features over 155 packages to address technology, lines-of-business, and specific industry challenges. 

The packages are designed to deliver everything that is needed from a business, and to get the solution up and running quickly. The packages include the software, content, enablement through training and resources, and a scope and time frame to minimize the risk.

Full installation is within a specified timeframe that can be as quickly as days and only as long as about 12 weeks. This is big advantage for businesses, because the quicker the deployment, the less time it takes to see value from the solution.

SAP’s rapid deployment solutions also save money. Forget about the bulky solutions that provide too many robust options and functionalities that are hardly used. Rapid Deployment solutions are built from experience and offer what most companies need. There can provide an element of customization when needed, but regardless, the solution is always deployed within a predetermined scope of work and budget, and eliminates any confusion and “surprise” fees.

SAP’s RDS packages also take the responsibilities beyond defining the scope and deploying quickly to reduce the time to value – they also provide a wealth of intellectual property gathered from extensive knowledge and experience. This includes proven best practices, templates, guides, and educational material that supplement and support the solution and user adoption. These additions make the process and added value helps companies run better and run faster.

This infographic shows how the best of SAP is in one package and can help solve a wealth of business challenges with a speedy implementation, minimized risks, and reduce costs due to the nature of the solution.

Some key facts about Rapid Deployment Solutions from SAP:

  • Currently, there are over 950 customers in live or go-live implementation
  • 40 percent less
  • 33 percent of customers
  • There are more than 370 SAP partners supporting SAP Rapid Deployment solutions

Take a look to find out what comes in an SAP RDS package, all the challenges the packages can address, and how to use the solutions (click on image to enlarge):


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