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Capturing Purchase Order Data Using IDoc Change Pointer Concept

Capturing Purchase Order Data Using IDoc Change Pointer Concept:

     Below illustration explains how we can capture Daily Changes/Creation/Deletion of Purchase Order Using IDoc Change Pointer concept.

     This document will help you to maintain some basic configuration of Change Pointer before calling function module “CHANGE_POINTERS_READ” to get all the changes of purchasing documents for a particular period.

This document is not restricted to purchasing document changes only; you can have your change document object class as per your requirement.

Note:  Partner Profile /Distribution Model (Transaction Code WE20/BD64) is not covered in this document, you can maintain these profiles before implementing change pointer concept.

Change Pointer Configuration:

Step 1: Activate Change Pointers Generally (BD61).

  Go-to Transaction code BD61 and Activate Change Pointers.


Step 2:  EDI: Logical Message types (WE81).

     Create Message Type using transaction Code WE81.


Step 3:  Activate Change Pointers for Message Type (BD50).

     Create one New Entry for the same Message type which we have created in Step 2 using Transaction Code BD50. And Check Active Option as shown in below screen shot to activate the Change Pointers for Message Type ZPURCHDOC.


Step 4:  Change Document Object (SCDO).

     Here, you can create your own Change Document Object using Transaction Code SCDO. Currently we are using Standard Purchasing Document’s Change Document Object “EINKBELEG”.

     In the same way you can have MATERIAL (Material Master), ORDERBUCH (Source List) etc.


Step 5:  Change Document Items for message type (BD52).

     Maintain the Change Pointer fields for which you are going to consider your purchasing document as a change using Transaction Code BD52.

Example: Here we are considering Purchasing Document Category (BSTYP) & Purchase Order Quantity (MENGE) as a pointer.    


Changes will get captured once any above field’s value will get changed. And it will get captured using Standard function Module “CHANGE_POINTERS_READ”

You can call above function module in your program to capture the changes for a particular duration.



         change_document_object_class   = ‘EINKBELEG’                     “Step 4

         creation_date_low                           = lastrun_date-low          “Creation Date start

         creation_time_low                           = ‘000000’                          “Creation Time start

         creation_date_high                          = lastrun_date-high        “Creation date end

         creation_time_high                          = ‘240000’                       “ Creation Time end

         message_type                                    = ‘ZPURCHORD’              “Step 2


        change_pointers                                 = lt_po_chng_ptr           “Output table


       error_in_date_interval                       = 0

       error_in_time_interval                       = 0

OTHERS                                                     = 0.

All the changes is stored in table BDCP2, you can check the changes which is being captured because of above configuration in table BDCP2 , BDCP2 gets updated in background every time system gets change pointers event triggered for field BSTYP & MENGE.

Purchase Order Creation: 

To caption creation data when purchase order will get created, you can maintain below value using Transaction Code BD52 (Step 5).


Field value “KEY” indicates creation of the record in the same table.


For deletion you can maintain field LOEKZ in Step 5.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Useful information

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very useful document

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for these informations. Very usefull.

      I tried to caption creation data for Outbound Delivery (LIEFERUNG LIKP KEY) & Sales Order (VERKBELEG VBAK KEY) documents. But when i created documents, i have any entries in BDCP2 table unless i make a change.

      Example :
      I create an Sales Order :
      – any data in BDCP2
      I modifiy this Sales Order :
      – I show this data :
      ZORDERS05 5100873 LIPS 1150900001665001001 KEY 20161215150136 20161215150136 EXT_XXX LIEFERUNG 0900001665 3874831 I

      => line with "I" (insert) code modification is added

      Any idea to show “Insert” line as soon as document is created ?

      Author's profile photo Hamisha Malik
      Hamisha Malik

      Hi Sujeet,

      I am working on the similar development. But Change pointer for PO is not triggering. When I am checking SAP Note -1720404 it says, 'Standard system, purchase orders, scheduling agreements, RFQs and non-ALE contracts will not generate change pointers'.

      Please can you suggest if change pointers can be triggered for normal POs.