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Trex configuration with Solution manager 7.1 – Part 1

We can monitor the Trex system with the following three tools.

1. TREXADMIN standalone tool

2.  TREX_EXT_LOAD_HISTORY is a report use to monitor the Trex.

3. WilyIntoscope ( We can also use wily to monitor the Trex system)

Prerequisite To Setup Trex Monitoring via WilyIntroscope :

1. Introscope Enterprise manager

2. Install the SAP Diagnostic Agent and SAP Host Agent

3. Registered the Trex System to SLD

4. Manage System Configuration Steps for Trex System.

5. Technical Monitoring setup for Trex System.

Recommended SAP Note :

1147499  “Connection to the System Landscape Directory” (Checked the Trex section)

1018839  “Registering in the System Landscape Directory using sldreg”

1. Introscope Enterprise Manager

  You need to have Introscope Eneterprise Manager installed on the host from where you will monitor the Trex System through web client.

   Generally , we install the Introscope Enterprise Manager on solution manager host.

2. Install the SAP Diagnostic Agent and SAP Host Agent

  i.  Download the SAP Diagnostic Agent from Service Market place.

      SOLUTION MANAGER–>SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1–> Entry by Component–> Agents for managed systems

       Download the SAP Diagnostic Agent as per the Operating system.


   ii. Download the latest patch for SAP Host Agent .

     Software Donloads->Browse our Download Catalog->SAP Technology Components->SAP Host Agent->select the host agent as version

PS : When you install the SAP Diagnostic agent it will also install the SAP Host Agent with it . But you need to check the SAP Host Agent version because if the patch level is less than 80 , then it will not able collect information about the operating system , so you need to upgrade the SAP Host agent to latest patch level.


To install the SAP Diagnostic Agent and SAP Host Agent follow the below link

To check the Version of SAP Host Agent :

On Windows :

Go to C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe and then  run the command saphostexec.exe -version command.

On Unix :

Go to /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/ and then run the command saphostexec -version.

Upgrading SAP Host Agent :

Download the latest patch from Service Market Place and follow the below steps.

i. Create a directory saphost.

ii. Extract the .SAR file with the help of the below command

   SAPCAR.EXE -xvf <saphostagent>.SAR in saphost directory.

iii. Run the below command to upgrade the SAP Host Agent

     saphostexec -upgrade

This will upgrade the saphost agent to latest patch level.

3. Registered the Trex System to SLD

   Activity to be Performed on Windows

    i. Go to the directory C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe

     ii. Run the below command to generate the slddest.cfg file (slddest.cfg file will contain the information about connection parameter for SLD)

   C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe\sldreg.exe -configure slddest.cfg -usekeyfile


   On running the above command , it will asked for four information from you which are as follow


    i. User Name : provide the user name of the SLD System which has SLD write and read information.

    ii. Password  : Provide password for the above user .

     iii.Server Host : Enter the Host of SLD server

     iv. Port : Provide the port number for the SLD Server.


     Type yes/y



iii . slddest.cfg file will be created C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe directory. So copied the file slddest.cfg to

       <installation directory>:\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\Global directory.

iv. Run the below command to send the data to SLD

   C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe\saposcol -b |  sldreg -connectfile <Installtion Directory>:\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\global\slddest.cfg -stdin –        oldtransferdtd


v. Now you can see the trex system in SLD.


Activity to be performed on Unix.

You need to follow the above process only the location for SAP Host Agent will be different.

You need to run the above command from directory

  i. /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sldreg -configure slddest.cfg -usekeyfile

  ii. /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol -b |  sldreg -connectfile <Installtion Directory>:\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\global\slddest.cfg -stdin –  oldtransferdtd

PS : I have covered only the SLD Registration of Trex system. In my part 2 i will cover the Manage System Configuration of Trex followed by Part 3 Setup Technical Monitoring.

With Regards

Ashutosh Chaturvedi

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