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Define Default Values for Buyers (OMFI)

How to make use of “Define Default values for Buyers”. Let us see with few real time examples.

1) How to default Source Determination check in Purchase requisition Create Screen-ME51N

Go to SPRO-MM-Purchasing-Enviornment data-Define Default values for buyers-Settings for Default Values.

Create a new key and in Source determination Tab Select checkbox “Create Purchase requistion and Save.


Now assign the key to the Users whom you want to default the Source detemination check.

Go to User Master SU01 / SU3 and in Parameters tab add the parameter EVO with the value created in the above configuration. Here in this case its “ZP”

EVO “ZP” and Save.


Now create Purchase requisition in ME51N and you can observe that the Source determination check is defaulted.


With this Source Determination indicator ON in Purchase requisition screen the system assign the source of supply automatically when you hit enter after entering the data provided the Source list is maintained with atleast one valid vendor with fixed indicator.


2) How to Default Source determination in ME25 transaction code.

We specify Vendor code when we create Purchase order in ME21N screen. ME25 is the transaction code used for Creating Purchase order with Source determination provided Valid Source list and info records are maintained.


To default the Source determination indicator go to SPRO-MM-Purchasing-Environment data-Define Default values for buyers and check the “Create Purchase order : Vendor unknown” checkbox under Source determination tab and save.


Now assign the User Parameter same as for Purchase requisition in SU01 / SU3 and save (if you have created a new key in Default Values for buyers).


Now go to ME25 transaction code and you can observe that the Source determination check is defaulted.


3) How to set messages Warning / error User specifc.

Let us take the message ME 080 Delivery date: next workday is 12.08.2013 while creating Purchase requisition.


Go to SPRO-MM-Purchasing-Environment data-Define attributes for system messages.

Go to ME 080 message and select the line and click on Copy icon and change the version Z1 and category to “E” Error.



Now go to User master SU01 / SU3 and assign user Parameter MSV withe Value created in above step (Z1) and Save.


Now create Purchase requisition and see how it works.


4) How to read the specific user parameter is assigned to which User masters.

Go to SE16N / SE16 / SE11 and input the table name USR05 and hit enter. Now enter the user / parameter value and execute the same.



I welcome suggestions / comments.

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