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Strange values for field USR02-UFLAG

Hello folks,

You may observe strange values for field UFLAG within table USR02, this is a quite recurrent problem…

Situations like this one are most likely caused by direct access to the table with database tools, improper handling of database entries, for example: through custom programs (that might set values to this field directly in database level); it’s also possible that the values have been set in debugging mode and were not adjusted afterwards by the author of this modification.

To address this situation and advice on how to identify the root cause of this issue, I have release an article that is availble in the below link:

1887820 – Incorrect User Lock Status (UFLAG) in table USR02

It’s important to say that such inconsistencies may cause errors during the execution of tasks that are related to the user master records, such as SUIM reports… a good example of this is the occurrence of short dumps like the following, caused because there was some entries in the table with value larger than the expected (max. is 255):


Feel free to share your thoughts on that matter.

Hope this helps you!

Felipe Fonseca

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