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SAP Sales Manager 2.5 Overview


The SAP Sales Manager 2.5 mobile application equips sales professionals with the tools needed to increase revenue, accelerate buying decisions, and maximize productivity. The app accesses the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application and allows users to securely execute lead-to-quote-to-order processes from their favorite mobile device.

SAP Sales Manager 2.5 is the next release of SAP CRM Sales 2.0.x/2.1.x.

Key Highlights:

  • Access SAP CRM accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, quotes, orders, and CRM Calendar in real time.
  • Plan calls with pre-built tools, including account factsheets, surveys, marketing attributes and search.
  • Find nearby leads, contacts, and customers through seamless GPS integration.
  • Built on SAP Agentry Platform which provides extensibility, customization and restriction capabilities to address most complex business needs.
  • SAP Sales Manager 2.5 mobile app will be available on: iOS and Android devices.

Architecture diagram of SAP Sales Manager 2.5 is as follows:



Following is the link to download the software of SAP Sales Manager 2.5 on Service Market Place: 


Following are software components that are part of SAP Sales Manager 2.5 package:

•       SMFND 600_700 – SAP Mobile Foundation Add-on CRM & ERP

•       SMCRM 600_700 – SAP Mobile Sales Manager 2.5 Add-on CRM

•       SMERP 600_700 – SAP Mobile Sales Manager 2.5 Add-on ERP

•       CRM_Sales_Server – SAP Agentry Server for SAP Sales Manager 2.5

•       Agentry_Editor – SAP Agentry Editor for SAP Sales Manager 2.5

Following is the documentation link of SAP Sales Manager 2.5 on Service Market Place: 


Following are few helpful notes that are related to SAP Sales Manager 2.5

1856007 – CRM Sales 2.5 ABAP AddOn Installation Master Note

1843281 – Correction collections for CRM Sales 2.5

1848664 – Too many partner entered when creating a follow-up

1848057 – LORD2 API support in SMCRM

1843350 – Program error in MDO handler /SYCLO/CL_CRMBTX_SLSTRANS_DO

1849361 – CRM Sales to ERP integration corrections

1849951 – Address region code is displayed instead of description


1855347 – Code page conversion for push attachment support in SMCRM

1857579 – Push of transactional data not functioning properly

Apply the following mandatory notes in ERP system

1849298 – Collective note for CRM Sales 2.5 – ERP Component

1861308 – Push for ERP transactional data not working properly

CRM – required minimum support package

Software Component


Service Pack














Migration path to SAP Sales Manager 2.5 is defined from previous versions of CRM Sales Mobile 2.0/2.1. There is a migration guide available on SMP along with “Installation Guides” that details the migration steps. Following are two SAP Notes that are related SAP Sales Manager migration process.

Note 1834577 – Migration from CRM Sales 2.1 to CRM Sales Manager 2.5

Note 1846849 – CRM Sales 2.5 Configuration Upload from legacy CRM Sales

SCN Forum:

Following is the link to the SAP Community Network (SCN) where you can share your thoughts/questions with others and actively participate in the discussions on CRM Sales Mobile Applications.

Note: Any interested customers should inquire with your respective Account Executive.

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  • Good info and the correction notes would be helpful before starting the implementation.

    But do we have to open Agentry server port for mobile app to access the system, will there be a security threat because of that ?

    • Hi Shobhit,


      Yes, you will have to open Agentry server port (declared in the ANGEL Front End section of the agentry.ini file) to enable client-server communication.

      However, since user authentication happens on the Agentry server and the ANGEL protocol uses SSL/TLS over TCP/IP communications to encrypt all data synchronized between the devices and the server, security should be fine.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards,


      • Thanks for this information Julien, as currently we are in evaluation stage for the SAP Agentry app I will have to understand more about this overhauled mobility architecture from SAP.

  • Very nice posting for initial info about CRM Sales Manager 2.5.

    I think the latest rumor is that SAP Cloud for Sales will be an alternative to mobilize SAP CRM solution's functionality except the on-premise installation based sales manager 2.5.

  • Thanks for an overview of the new app. Certainly moving to the Agentry platform does give more flexibility. On the other hand, after having a closer look at the out of the box functionality I must say user experience is worse than in 2.1.  to name a few: it takes more clicks to create an account, there is no analytics, limited search functionality. There is a lot to improve in the next version.