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I can has Idea?


Now that the clever headline (*) got you here, let’s talk about some “submishunz” on Idea Place that totally deserve your attention and an up-vote, shall we? In no particular order I present to you:

Note that I have not included many great ideas that have already passed the ‘Submitted’ stage and (keeping my fingers crossed!) might be implemented at some point. Here is a link to the other ideas that are in ‘Submitted’ status. Please feel free to check it out and vote/comment. Note that now we need at least 15 ‘up’ votes to get an idea considered by SAP.

Yes, there is still no auto-logon on Idea Place (although you may logon with a certificate and S-user) and its’ intuitive and friendly user interface looks like it was brought to you by the creators of the SAP GRC system. But if we don’t vote on ideas then they won’t be implemented for sure, so let’s try to make some lemonade with what we have!

(*) Before anyone calls the Grammar Police – the headline is an homage to the famous I can has cheezburger meme. Thanks, Osvaldo Lopez for reminding me to think globally. 🙂

Disclaimer: the image used is my original compilation based on an image with ‘free to use and modify’ license, according to Google search. The image of The Most Interesting Man in the World from Dos Equis commercials (played ad nauseam on TV in the US) is used here in accordance with fair use license for the purposes of parody.

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  • Wa who!!!

    14 thumbs up on one of my suggestions! One more to go for consideration!!!! 

    Thanks for the publicity push Jelena!


  • Wohooo! You're gonna get the badge "Queen of idea land" for sure! 😀

    Very cool idea to promote the place and it's important content. I hope, this gets people's attention.

  • I agree anyway, so I'm just commenting that Dos Equis was one of my favorite beers while working in the US (a looong time ago), this brings back some memories.

    Cheers & thanks for the initiative


    • Thanks, Thomas! I'm not a beer drinker myself, but you might be surprised that in the past 10 years there have been many positive changes in the US beverage industry, with the raise of microbreweries and whats not. The same goes for food - realy amazing changes. You might want to come visit again soon. 🙂

  • Thanks for having undelined some intersting ideas, time is short, the forums are so many and so many requests that often I discover some interesting things by accident, like this time.

    Regards and thanks


  • Very well done!

    I actually go bezerk with login functionalities on many of the SAP sites. Let it be SCN, JAM etc. So yes a user friendly solution which is inline with the expectations one might have from year 2013 web app really deserves attention!

    • Carsten, I dread the day when IT comes to replace my 3 year old laptop and I might lose the remembered passwords, etc. In the era when we can logon with Google account to Yahoo, one would think that at least a single user ID should be good for the whole SAP public site line up.

      • You can store your SAP Single Signon (where Single is any value greater than 1) certificates in your browser (you probably know that anyway 🙂 ), but you can also export these certificates.

        Part of my regular personal maintenance (along with showering, shaving etc) is back these up to USB / Dropbox / gDrive / SkyDrive etc, and one of the first things I do on a new site is mail the file to and import them again.


  • Thank you for collecting these ideas into this blog. I must confess I'm feeling kind of "meh" when I'ts about the idea place since I haven't (yet) experienced anybody of its deciders being sensible towards good ideas... but maybe it's just me... anyway... I promoted most of the ideas you collected here and hope somebody will care.

  • Thank you, everyone, for the feedback and for voting on the ideas!

    It's sad that the Idea Place still seems to hold the reputation of "the place were ideas go to die" despite the efforts made by the team supporting it. Seeing that there are so many ideas in the 'Delivered' status I wondered if somehow I missed a memo on major improvements implemented on SCN. However, when browsing through the list I've noticed some ideas with even negative votes and soon realised that those ideas were really just closed with no action (e.g. functionality already existed). Not sure such "creative accounting" is projecting the right image. Wouldn't it be more helpful to everyone to see a list of the ideas that were truly implemented by making a change?

    Also there are only 300+ ideas in the SCN session, so it shouldn't be so difficult to see even all of them in a list (without much detail or fancy buttons). But instead the only options I found were to scroll (very slowly) the pages by 5 or 10 items. Even the RSS feed is "for this page", what sense does it even make?

    Oh well. At least we can hope it gets better from there. 🙂

  • Hi Jelena,

    Thanks for promoting a few interesting ideas here. And you mentioned a "15 votes" limit for an idea to be considered by SAP. Where did you get this figure from? Do you happen to find a document that would provide more transparency on the process about what happens once an idea has been submitted?



  • What actually happened to your idea about renaming "Report Abuse" to "Alert Moderator"?

    I can't even find it anymore in the Idea place.

  • Excellent! A good compilation and a good intro as well. You got me at the picture. I have to say I was also puzzled by the title, I guess I don't spend enough time watching cute videos. Instead it's trains, trucks, airplanes, etc with my son.

    Cheers, I'm about to open a bottle of beer now.


  • I just wanted to push this blog back into sight. ^^

    Some of the ideas featured by Jelena got a lot of votes and are safely over the needed 15 votes-limit. But others still wait to get enough promotion to jump that high.

    Also a lot of new ideas found their way into the idea place. So please go to the idea place SCN session (best with the status filter on "Submitted") and VOTE VOTE VOTE, people! 🙂

    Sadly the last mentioned idea Rename "Report Abuse" button as "Alert Moderator" seems to be still/again in the moderator category and therefor not accessable for normal users to promote.


  • Congratulation Jelena, 2 delivered ideas on 1 day.

    This deserves an extra badge in my opinion, maybe with the "Helper" of Gyro Gearloose on it

  • Hi Jelena,

    Good Day!

    This blog definitely reach and get to SCN Members attention. Nicely written and I feel different while reading this blog. Good comparison of some of our SCN members.



    Hari Suseelan

    • Kishan, I just demoted your idea. I know dozens of people that scarcely contribute, but when they do, it's top notch content. On the contrary I know quite a bunch with Platin or higher who mostly contribute Bull****. There is no measurable technical parameter for a decision whether somebody has 'matured' enough to contribute without pre-moderation. IMHO either enable pre-moderation for everybody and manually disable it or leave everything as it is and keep reporting do-needful-blogs.

      All your idea are belong to us

      I see what you did there, Christopher o_o

      • Lukas,

        Firstly I would like to clarify that the idea posted in Idea Place belongs to Jelena, but having said that I would like to add that if this Idea wasn't already there I would have raised it.

        Secondly, everybody is entitled to their opinion so yeah I respect your opinion and understand the reasons behind it. You are right about the Platinum level members posting bull. In fact it is one such member who's the reason behind this rant and voting-up the Idea in the first place. But then this member wouldn't have reached that Platinum level if we were in the old Jive platform and gamification was still an unknown entity.

        The old Jive platform more-or-less gave a better picture of who was eligible to blog without a pre-moderation hurdle. But now everybody and anybody can reach a platinum level simply by "liking" posts and comments! What's worse is that SCN has raised the bar for what is an acceptable blog and what is not. This has opened the flood gates for the point-hoarders. There is a lot of redundant and useless information in this area.

        One simple thing that can be done is to remove points for Likes and see how these blogs fare in popularity.