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How to manage SAP report Layout?

SAP Path

SAP Transaction Code

FBL1N, FBL3N and FBL5N etc..


There may be cases where the user is interested to maintain reports as per their requirement. Sometimes user may want to maintain layout with the document currency and transaction currency and sometimes user may want to have the invoices with cash discount, assignment or text fields to display with the document line item display.

Enter Selection Parameters


Transaction FBL1N and execute.

You can see in application toolbar there are three icons (082.JPG) used for managing report layout.

A) Change Layout (first icon ):

                        This icon will be used for changing layout of the currently executed report. Here you can change the different fields to display or hide.


Select ‘Document Currency’ and ‘Purchasing document’ fields from Column Set and select show selected fields button as showed above screen. Click on OK button (Green Tick Box).


Here you can see additionally added columns to report.

B)  Save Layout (Second Icon):


Save Layout by pressing on Save layout button from application toolbar and specify layout name starting with / slash (/PONO). If you want to make this layout as default whenever you execute this report select ‘Default setting’ check box or if you want to use this layout only for yourself please select ‘User-specific’ check box.

C) Select Layout (third icon):

                      If you want to select existing layout to see the report as required. Please select ‘Select Layout’ button.


Please select required layout and Click on OK button (Green Tick Box).

Making Layout as Default Layout:


Select ‘Settings -> Layout -> Administration’ from the menu bar.


Select ‘Default Setting’ row from the required layout and save.

You can change any layout as default layout by select layout administration default settings.

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  • Thank you Prasad for this information, but I have a question about this, I hope you have an answer.

    Our users have the authorisation only to make a user-specific layout, but sometimes it is worth to share a layout with other users. Do you know if there is a possibility (a transaction or a report) to change this layout from user-specific to global?

    Kind regards


    • Hi Erik,

      Thanks for the posting your doubt.

      If you create Layout as explained above (C) by selecting default layout check box and make that layout as default setting as explained above. This layout will apply to all users.

      There is one more option to make default layout is assign layout in transaction FB00 (Accounting Editing options) under Line item tab or you can even assign layout in the selection screen of the reports like FBL5N or FBL3n

      Making default layout as explained above process is suggestible to your requirement.

      Kind Regards,


  • hello Prasad

    in additional of thank you for your information,i have a question

    how i can find who changed my layout?with table "LTDX" i can get a bad report.

    there isn't any transaction??

    if there isn't how i can use with this table??

    thank you a lot

  • i got my answer

    LTDX With LTDXT get you a good.but there is a problem

    Layout Report Result.jpg

    it give me 3 and 2 line for a report 🙁

    can you help me in solving this problem??

    Layout Report Result.jpg
  • Hello Prasad,

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

    I still have a little problem when saving my layout as default, I cannot check the User-specific checkbox because it is disabled, and this makes any other users modify the layout whenever they want to. Is there a solution to enable the User-specific checkbox?


  • Hi there,

    i am using the transaction LT23 and wanna save MY Layout as default but it does not work.
    I still have to choose my layout each time I call the transaction.
    Can anyone help please!

    Thank you

  • Hi ,

    We have customized tcode and layout already set when i executing  with this layout its working fine but some column not populating data .could you help us .

    When user executing this tcode with the layout  the specific column not populating data in the report its coming blank.

    Could you help us here its urgent.